Mandi Perkins Outlines Digital Album Release Plans

posted the following bulletin to her fans on MySpace on Thursday (June 28): “Hey Guys. Just got back from tour… with very exciting news! I’m going to do a crazy digital distribution of my debut album, ‘Bleeding The Line…’ starting July 10th, when I’ll put the whole album up on Myspace. It will closely be followed with release on iTunes and other major online digital distributors, and it will all coincide with the worldwide release of my first music video and dance remix of ‘Condemned’. So pretty much we have been gearing up for a serious viral invasion; which actually doesn’t sound all that dope. I think we need a new word for viral! I have a ton of new pictures from the West Coast tour, which I’ll post soon… and a new blog about it all on my page, so check it out when you can. everyone is having a great week! Rock mp”

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