Mandy Explains Why Shane Was Invited To Birthday

Mandy Moore responded to a message board fan’s question as to whether her ‘A Walk To Remember’ co-star Shane West was invited to her 18th birthday party because he was interested in in one of her best friends from Orlando, Jenna or Reid. Mandy said, “Hahaah! Shane was invited to my 18th birthday party because he’s a friend of mine, not because he was interested in Jenna or Reid. lol. Nice change to the usual ‘story’ though.”

Mandy Moore On Where She Was 9.11.01

September 10, 2002 – Mandy explained to fans where she was when she learned of the September 11 terror attacks. “The morning of September 11th, I was in LA at home with my mom, fast asleep while the phone was ringing off the hook. Finally I heard my mom wake up to answer it. Knowing that something had to be wrong — no one would ever call at 7 am for no reason. I followed her to kitchen– it was my dad, at home with my brothers in FL, telling us to turn on the TV to any channel. I did and just about fell off the couch — overcome by emotion and what I was watching.”

“Was this a joke? A movie? I was flabbergasted, angry, cautious, saddened… Everything all at once. How could this have happened? I cried for the rest of the day, and week. My mom and I invited my good friend Ashley to come stay with us for the day — she lived alone and no one knew what could/would happen.”

“We lit candles that Friday and drove all around town… How beautiful and almost magical it was to see our country united. It’s hard not to come across a story detailing the effect 9/11 had an individual life (the children, mothers, etc.) and my heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to them always — not just once a year.”

“Obviously, no one will ever forget the horror of September 11th, but it did teach us all a valuable lesson in treasuring each and every day life brings us. Remember.”

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2 thoughts on “Mandy Explains Why Shane Was Invited To Birthday

  1. melissa says:

    yall r a cute couple!!!

  2. Jyllin says:

    omg… The movie A walk to remember was a really good movie, the best part was when Jamie marrie Landon… Omg you and Shane looked so cute.. And i just wanna find out if you guys are married.. If i find out it’s a “yes” i will kill myself for sure because i really really wanna find out about this….

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