Mandy Moore ‘A Walk To Remember’ Outfit Auction

Mandy Moore’s outfit from movie ‘A Walk to Remember’ is being offered on ebay for auction. The blouse is a light blue long-sleeve tee with cocoa brown floral pattern, while the jumper is tan linen with paisley accompanied with bib pocket on front. The auction states: “This outfit has been donated for auction for fund-raising purposes in order to cover the medical expenses of a dear loved one.” The item is currently asking an opening bid of $199 and ends December 29th.

Spends The Night At Zach Braff’s Home

December 11, 2004 – Mandy was photographed leaving boyfriend Zach Braff’s Hollywood Hills home early Friday morning (December 3) after spending the night. Moore arrived at Braff’s at 8:30 pm on Thursday evening and shortly after Moore’s arrival, a driver delivered some take out dinner for the pair.

Mandy Moore’s Romance With Zach Braff Gets Serious

December 2, 2004 – In Touch magazine reports Mandy’s romance with Zach Braff has gotten serious with the couple exchanging house keys and Mandy agreeing to appear on his show ‘Scrubs’. “Things are moving so fast that no one would be surprised if they get engaged soon,” a source revealed.

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One thought on “Mandy Moore ‘A Walk To Remember’ Outfit Auction

  1. Clara106 says:

    I haven’t seen them together or heard about them dating but, they seem like they would make a cute couple. I’m certainly happy that she isn’t really back with Wilmer, that guy is a borderline pedophile.

    She is nice. a lot of people don’t give her much respect because her albums don’t do too well but, trust me, if she took her clothes off all the time like Britney and Christina, her albums would probably fly off the shelves. its good that she doesn’t have to sell herself like that.

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