Mandy Moore Admits She’s Nervous For Pilot Father spoke with at her Cosmo Girl cover shoot where the singer talked about coping with her father being a pilot for American Airlines following the terror hijackings on 11. Mandy said, “I am a lot more nervous for my dad now then I have ever been before! Growing up, you don’t think about these types of things, but as I have gotten older and really realized the responsibility that he has for everybody else on the plane with him, it’s [become more] scary. [But] I love my dad and I know he is a great pilot, so all is good.”

Could Develop Into A Fine Young Actress

January 25, 2002 – Michael H. Kleinschrodt, movie critic to The Times-Picayune gave ‘A Walk to Remember’ a 2 star rating which he credited mostly to the film’s stars, while punishing the modernized screenplay. Kleinschrodt said, “Moore displays far more range than she did in “The Princess Diaries” and could develop into a fine young actress.” He added, “Considering what they have to work with, [Shane] West and Moore give solid, appropriately moist-eyed performances.”

‘Walk’ As Wholesome As A Glass Of Milk

January 25, 2002 – Carrie Rickey of the Philadelphia Inquirer gave ‘A Walk to Remember’ a three star review saying the film, “Likewise his actors and their audience. It’s wholesome as a glass of milk, and as refreshing.”

Mandy And Shane’s Chemistry Save ‘A Walk to Remember’

January 25, 2002 – Ellen A. Kim of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer gave a decent B- review for the Mandy Moore starring ‘A Walk to Remember’. Kim said, “What saves the film is the chemistry between the two leads. West plays an extension of his television character but does a convincing job with Landon’s transformation. Moore, in dyed-brown hair and baggy jumpers for her first leading role, affably eschews the mug-and-pose yearnings of her music videos (she slips only when she sings).” The review at has since been removed.

Mandy Sickeningly Sweet But Effective In Film

January 25, 2002 – Pam Sitt of the Seattle Times reviewed the Mandy Moore starring ‘A Walk To Remember’ giving it 2 1/2 stars and saying of Mandy’s performance, “Moore is nearly sickeningly sweet in her leading-lady debut, but effective as the goody-two-shoes to [Shane] West’s bad boy.” As for the film, she said echoed Mandy’s earlier comments saying it “is a saccharine, but fresh and PG-rated alternative to, well, ‘Not Just Another Teen Movie.'”

‘Walk’ An ‘Offensive Attempt at Teaching Morality’

January 25, 2002 – Mike Balz of the Hoya blistered the film starring debut of Mandy Moore calling the film “grossly unrealistic” and added that “the acting is terrible.” As for the moral message of the film, Balz blasted, “The worst part of ‘A Walk to Remember’ is not that it borrows its plot from other movies, but rather its original and offensive attempt at teaching morality to its audience. It presents faith in Jesus as a romantic ideal, portrays non-Christians as ‘bad’ people and will make every impressionable, soon-to-be anorexic teenage girl add ‘get married before graduating high school’ to the list of things that beautiful pop stars do. This film must be avoided at all costs.”

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