Mandy Moore All Grown Up

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appeared on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ looking all grown up in more ways than one. She wore a low cut purple designer dress, which showed off her shapely new figure. Basically, she showed more skin. This is a first for Mandy considering she has said in the past that she has been uncomfortable showing off her body because she was either too lanky or too skinny. But now its obvious that Mandy is stepping out of her shell and showing the world what she’s got, both physically and emotionally.

Will Never Give Up On Music

July 15, 2003 – Mandy chatted with the Calgary Sun about her soon to be released movie ‘How to Deal’ and album ‘Coverage’. “I’m excited that my next album will introduce my generation to some wonderful songs from the past … (And) I’m thrilled at the prospect of going into a studio to record songs I’ve written or collaborated on,” she said, insisting that she’s not switching careers, just diversifying. “I’ll never give up music because music is my natural high … Everything is spontaneous for me so I can’t see myself being tied down to just one thing.”

‘How To Deal’ Author Says Moore Was ‘Serious And Professional’

July 15, 2003 – did 20 questions with Sarah Dessen, the author of ‘How to Deal’, including several about the film adaption and its star, Mandy Moore. Asked if she had any preconceived notions of what she would be like in person, Dessen responded, “I had no idea what to expect. It’s funny how celebrities always seem smaller in person, but she was just the opposite: she’s REALLY tall. And I thought she’d act more like my students at UNC (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) who are about that age, 18-19, but she was so serious and professional. I was really just concentrating on not acting like a total dork. I was so nervous I can’t even remember what I said to her.” Read more.

Neutrogena’s ‘How To Deal’ Sweepstakes

July 14, 2003 – Neutrogena is cashing in on their ad deal with Mandy Moore to have a contest to mark the release of the her new movie ‘How to Deal’. The grand prize includes a Neutrogena makeover party and a hosted movie screening near their hometown for the winner and 25 guests. Ten first prize winners will receive a ‘How to Deal’ poster, CD and t-shirt, along with a Neutrogena gift basket and a Teen People cargo bag and notebook.

The first 500 people to enter will receive a full-size receive a full-size tube of Neutrogena MoistureShine gloss in Coy. ‘How to Deal’ opens in theaters everywhere on July 18th. Enter the contest at

Moore Like An Actual Teenager

July 14, 2003 – The New York Daily News has a feature story on Mandy Moore as her latest film ‘How to Deal’ is set for release on Friday. While Laura Morgan, entertainment editor of Seventeen, which is putting Moore on its cover next month, was full of props for Mandy, the singer/actress was quick to give praise herself to peers and Christina Aguilera. “I have a lot of respect for Britney and Christina,” Moore said. “With the barrage of media they’ve had to go through, it’s admirable how they’ve come out and appear to be independent, strong-minded and confident young women.” For her part, Morgan says, “Mandy presents the image [of a] young, smart girl,” and, with Britney or Christina, “the life they lead is so different from the average girl’s. Mandy is someone our readers could be friends with.”

More Expectations For Mandy Moore

July 14, 2003 – The New York Post hears that the expectations for Mandy’s new film ‘How to Deal’ are so high, that the Sarah Dessen book the movie is based on has soared to No. 10 on the New York Times best-seller list. The film opens on Friday.

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