Mandy Moore Appears On The Tonight Show

was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Friday to promote her new movie ‘Chasing Liberty’, which hits theaters on January 9th. Mandy also talked about her boyfriend Andy Roddick, how she spent New Year’s, her new tattoo on her toe, and her feeling that Trista and Ryan’s televised wedding was “vomitocious”. Read on for a transcript.

Jay: All righty. My next guest — terrific actress and singer. Her latest film is called “Chasing Liberty.” It opens January 9th. Please welcome Mandy Moore.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Mandy: Man in audience: I love you, Mandy.

Jay: There you go. Let me see the — I gotta see the shoes.

Mandy: Ah, the pretty little shoes.

Jay: They’ve been working on those feet all —

Mandy: All afternoon.

Jay: I come in at like 1:00, and they’re doing the big toe. I come in at 4:00, we’re just down to the little toe.

Mandy: Down to the pinky.

Jay: That’s a lot of work. But they look lovely.

Mandy: Thank you very much. Thank you.

Jay: You had a happy new year.

Mandy: I did. Did you?

Jay: I had a nice new year. Did you spend it with your boyfriend, Andy?

Mandy: I spent it with my boyfriend in Florida, very low-key sort of New Year’s.

Jay: Really?

Mandy: Yeah, no big party.

Jay: Well, he’s a big tennis champ, of course.

Mandy: He is, yes.

Jay: Now, is he doing a reality show?

Mandy: There was word at a time that he was doing a reality show. It started off as kind of like a documentary that would follow him around and kind of snowballed into a reality show, but not a fan, not a fan.

Jay: You don’t like reality shows?

Mandy: I love reality shows.

Jay: You don’t want to be in one.

Mandy: I would never want to be in one.

Jay: Which ones do you like?

Mandy: I got sucked into “American Idol” last year.

Jay: Okay, well, I guess that’s reality. I think of it more like “The Bachelor.” We had Trista and Ryan here. Did you follow that?

Mandy: I didn’t. I happened to switch on the wedding, which, I think, was a bit kind of vomitocious. All the pink and everything.

Jay: Hang on. Can we back up just a minute?

Mandy: Vomitocious, yes.

Jay: Vomitocious.

Mandy: I don’t know. I have my own sort of vocabulary.

Jay: Well, I think I know what it means. So you’re not a fan of the Trista/Ryan.

Mandy: I think it’s very sweet that they care about each other, but the whole kind of wedding on TV and chronicling everything was a little much for me.

Jay: You buy it? You think it’s a real romance? You seem suspicious.

Mandy: They were on the show. What do you think?

Jay: I don’t know.

[ Light laughter ]

Mandy: I kind of feel like it.

Jay: He seems like most guys — “sure, go ahead.”

Mandy: She dominated that with all of the pink everywhere.

Jay: “What do you want?” “Yeah, that’s great, honey.”

[ Laughter ]

Mandy: They’ll last. They’ll last.

Jay: Now, I know you and Jack Osbourne are great friends, from “The Osbournes.”

Mandy: I’ve been friends with Jack and Kelly for a little bit now. It kind of rubbed off on me.

Jay: Did they take you for a tattoo?

Mandy: Jack did. I kind of decided a while ago I wanted to get an itty-bitty tattoo, and I figured he’s an expert on the subject.

Jay: You don’t seem like the tattoo type to me. You seem —

Mandy: I did, actually.

Jay: Where did you get it? Any place good?

Mandy: On my toe, right there. It’s a little baby heart. See, right down there.

[ Laughter ] It’s so minuscule, right?

Jay: It looks like a prison tattoo.

[ Laughter ]

Mandy: It’s something I feel like I can live with for the rest of my life. He came, he held my hand and made sure I wasn’t too nervous.

Jay: Did you tell anyone beforehand? Did you tell your parents or anybody?

Mandy: I told my parents. They were fine. My mom actually has an itty-bitty tattoo on her toe as well, so she couldn’t be a hypocrite about the subject. But I didn’t tell Andy, actually. I wanted to see if he would notice when we saw each other, but it ended up in “People” magazine first somehow, so.

Jay: He saw your toe in “People”?

Mandy: I guess there was a little tidbit about me getting a tattoo, so he just took my shoe off when he saw me next and the whole surprise was blown, I guess.

Jay: Wow, that’s what I would do if I hadn’t seen you in a while. I’d rip that shoe off.

Mandy: Rip the show off.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Get a look at that toe!

[ Laughter ] Tell me about the movie. You play the president’s daughter, is this what you do?

Mandy: I do. I play Anna Foster, the president’s daughter, a kind of typical 18-year-old. Wants to rebel against her parents and tr to Prague, and decides to kind of shun her responsibilities and run off with a stranger who’s actually a young secret service agent, but she doesn’t know it.

Jay: Who plays the president? Mark Harmon.

Mandy: Mark Harmon. Yes.

Jay: He’s cute.

Mandy: He’s very good-looking. I, along with my mom and just about every other woman on set swooned every time he walked in.

Jay: Really? Is it weird to see your mom swooning over someone?

Mandy: Dad was always on the set watching over mom, making sure

Jay: Have you ever been

Mandy: I have. For George W., Actually twice. He had a reception at the white house before one of the performances and I stole some napkins.

[ Light laughter ]

Jay: Oh.

Mandy: You’re at the white house. Come on, you gotta like take some memorabilia.

Jay: Sure, it’s your tax dollars.

Mandy: Of course, I stole some cocktail napkins and put them in my purse.

Jay: Did you take any silverware?

Mandy: No.

Jay: Did you get caught — because you know you’re on tape. You know, someone has a photo of you doing it.

Mandy: Of course.

[ Laughter ] Putting it in the purse

Jay: I guess there’s a nude scene, but it’s not you. You had a butt double?

Mandy: I had a butt double on the set, yes.

[ Laughter ] When I initially read the script — I’m a pretty modest girl — when I saw that it called for my character trying to break free and kind of go skinny dipping.

Jay: Hear, hear.

Mandy: Hear, hear. So the production company actually got me a manila envelope full of Czech models, because we shot the scene in Prague, and I had to essentially pick my butt.

[ Laughter ] Oh, I totally upgraded, by the way.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: An envelope full of — bill, you have an envelope like that, don’t you? Full of rear ends?

[ Laughter ]

Bill: I stopped listening after butt, jay, sorry.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Here’s a clip, “chasing liberty.” Take a look.

Anna, I know dating is a little more difficult for you.

Try impossible.

And you know that the extra security is necessary.

They ruined her date. She really likes this boy.

Oh, okay. A boy who ranks 24th in his class, plays xbox two hours a day, and wants to go to art school?

Who told you that?


I don’t want some guy who wears his sunglasses inside the house at night — sorry, phil — listening in on my dinner date. That is such a total abuse of power. I am 18 years old and I want to go out a date without a posse of guys in bad suits — sorry, harper — hiding behind every tree. Nothing is private.

Sweetie, I am just trying to protect you.

Dad, you know, I’m not that little 12-year-old girl who would only dance with you at your inaugural ball.

You’re right.

[ Applause ]

Jay: Well, congratulations.

Mandy: Thank you.

Jay: “Chasing liberty” opens January 9th. Thank you, Mandy.

Mandy: Nice to see you.

Jay: Say hi to Andy for us.

Mandy: I will.

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