Mandy Moore Checks Out Andy Roddick Tennis Match

checked out a tennis match in Toronto featuring Andy Roddick causing a fan on her message board to wonder if she was dating the tennis star. Mandy said, “Can’t a girl be a tennis fan? It just so happens that my mom is a tennis fanatic and we scored some tickets. The game was great and Andy is a fantastic player. It was a pleasure to see him win. I had never been to a game before, but I picked a great one to watch. My good friend Al (he played Eric in ‘Walk’) has been visiting me and he was watching the match as well. What an enjoyable day, but it’s off to [the] set for me and then straight to the airport and back to LA for the Teen Choice Awards. Busy, busy.”

Have No Fear About Mandy Moore Dropping Music Career

August 2, 2002 – A fan named Sarah on Mandy’s official forum told the singer her mother and a lot of other people she knows keep telling her, “Oooh, Mandy is going to slowly fade more into acting, and eventually will be a full time actress and not a singer anymore.” Mandy responded by saying, “Sarah… goofball!! No… my life is centered around music and I am aching to get back into the studio. Have no fear.”

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2 thoughts on “Mandy Moore Checks Out Andy Roddick Tennis Match

  1. MyKE says:

    Mandy has a great music career millions wish they had. While she has BAD chart positions, and all- her actual sales are outstanding. Her last album got great reviews, in contrast to the previous 2’s bad ones. Unfortunately, Sony didn’t promote it very well…

    But anyway, her debut hits 3x platinum last time certified (LONG time ago!!!), the I Wanna Be With You EP was 2x, and the latest was gold. The Candy single was a MAJOR flop on the charts, but was able to sell over 500,000 copies giving it GOLD status. Not bad, esp for someone under 20, eh?

  2. Vicki says:

    Andy dated my friend Krystle awhile back. Mr. Roddick and Miss Russin came to see me at work, he’s a nice guy. They were so happy and seemed very much in love.

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