Mandy Moore Denies Dating Real World’s Kevin

After a fan posted a rumor that was perhaps dating Kevin Dunn from the Real World New York, Mandy replied, “Oh my goodness!! I met Kevin during MTV’s New Years Eve celebration. He is very cool and we became friends. I talk to him every now and then. That’s all… lol.”

Admits Negative Comments Bug Her

March 18, 2002 – Mandy responded to a fan’s question on her official site’s message board on whether professional recognition means more to her than the personal recognition. Mandy said, “It would upset me to think that anyone attaches a negative connotation with my name… but I understand that people are going to think what they want and unfortunately listen to rumors or ney-say from mean individuals. It honestly affects me and how I lead my day to day life. It bugs me to come on and read one mean comment on the message board.” Mandy added, “At the end of the day, yes, it is important for my family and friends – my loved ones, to see me in a good light. But if others, those people I may never get the chance to meet or thank, don’t think the same… well… then…. I am kinda outta luck.”

Sings Praises Of Jeff Buckley

March 18, 2002 – Mandy was asked on her official site’s message board for her feelings on singer Jeff Buckley. Mandy said, “Jeff Buckley is amazing and I encourage everyone to go pick up ‘Grace’. ‘Last Goodbye’ could be one of my favorite songs of all time.”

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