Mandy Moore Dines With Wilmer And Her Parents

The New York Post reports was aghast when former flame Wilmer Valderrama went on Howard Stern’s show earlier this year and bragged, among other exploits, that he had taken her virginity. Valderrama immediately apologized to Moore. And this week, the two were spotted having a cozy dinner with her parents at Stanton Social. The Post was told the pair are only friends.

Update From The Studio

December 4, 2006 – Mandy posted the following message to fans on her blog at MySpace on Friday (December 1): “Hello all. Just wanted to check in and let you know that I’m back home in LA and rounding the corner in terms of finishing the record. In the studio as we speak, putting the finished touches on a few songs. I can’t wait for you to hear some the these tunes… It’s been a blast, start to almost finish. We had a mini listening party the other evening and it seemed to be a success = woohoo! I’m headed to NYC tomorrow to hang with some of my favorite folks and soak up the overwhelming holiday spirit. Redonkulous… All good things… xoxo, mm”

Mandy Moore: New Record ‘Sounding Pretty Snazzy’

November 1, 2006 – Mandy posted the following update on her blog at MySpace on Tuesday (October 31):

Happy Halloween! I had no clue what to dress up as, so I ended up with a blue wig and cape at the last minute. Not very inventive, I know…. but the best part of this Halloween is the lovely company (which happens to include THE WEEPIES). YEAH! They are up here hanging, playing, singing and being their cool, cool selves. What can I say — I just adore ’em. Also, Lori McKenna was up here last week and was her usual amazing self (played some guitar and sang a bit too)…. I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU GUYS TO HEAR THIS RECORD!!!! It’s sounding pretty snazzy. I’m super-excited. Anyhow… be safe and hope you enjoy your evening. I’m off to have some dinner with the crew. Peace and all good things…… xo, mm

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