Mandy Moore Disses Shane West

Contributed Anonymously:

The following was taken directly from the message boards in a closed thread. Apparently, become friends with someone on the boards and started talking to him over AIM and the telephone. They got in a fight and he posted juicy pieces of gossip from their AIM conversations into the message board, causing quite the stir!

The following was posted:

(Mandy): found out some news about Shane today
RuNvS mm: ooh, do tell ::hits record and calls Star Magazine::
RuNvS mm: are you call-able right now? or are you phone sick?
(Mandy): apparently at his little rendezvous with Wilmer….he lied and told Wilmer that i initiated everything during the movie and that it was my fault. what a chickensh**. he kissed me. he told me he liked me. I was very trepidatious to say anything back. it became mutual eventually or rather openly mutual but still….what an ass
(Mandy): I hate liars. especially those who do so to save their punk-rockstar wannabe asses lol
RuNvS mm: wow…seriously… fu** him.
(Mandy): yeah right. no more hanging with him.

Many responses to this post were added, angry Mandy fans were about ready to cyber kick the behinds of the perps behind this. In response, Mandy wrote:

I am not letting myself get upset over this. but just know…there are always 2 sides to every story. I don’t want to get into it because quite frankly–it isn’t anyone’s business but our own. It is a shame that after this matter was handled with maturity …it all comes down to this. sure, I am hurt. But making me out to be the person I really am or not…. arg. I know who I am. I have a wonderful family, am proud of the person I am and who I am becoming and believe I was raised right. Right enough to never do this to my worst enemy and right enough to never just get rid of a friend over some petty disagreement. You see signs of good and bad in people and choose to be friends with people you admire and want to be more like in a way. Obviously my point is made.

Note: There seems to be enough people commenting on her boards for me to believe Mandy did respond to this and it sounds like something that did happen, but the postings were deleted.

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9 thoughts on “Mandy Moore Disses Shane West

  1. Spring says:

    Yeah right. Mandy Moore is not stupid. Her publicist would never allow her to do something so ridiculous. Celebs know not to talk to fans on the Internet and via phone. All it leads to is trouble. I don’t believe this for a hot second.

  2. Giuliana says:

    i agree, there’s no way that’s true. she wouldn’t be that stupid to talk to a fan and isn’t it just a bit strange that they are deleted now. bull crap

  3. Rosey says:

    i don’t understand why people waste so much of their time making stupid stories about other people.. I don’t see the point.. I think its lame and so sad… Get a life .. find a new hobby and stop screwing with other peoples lives.. frankly..i think what’s writing is a lowed… I don’t think she’s that dumb to turn and talk to some loser about someone she worked with…. Especially on such a gorgeous movie… she’s to smart for that kind of stuff.. she’s GORGEOUS ^.^ ( I love you mandy..) =] … and Shane is Gorgeous too.. I think they suit *giggles* … I think they make a beautiful couple.. =] … so this goes to anyone that’s trying to either Diss or talk dirt about mandy/shane… get a bluddy life.. -.- .. stop hating cause their awesome and you.. well .. your just a no body sitting behind a stupid computer trying to play with other people’s lives.. ‘A walk to Remember’ is a movie ill always look up too.. =] it actually inspired me x] .., everytime I watch this movie… I’m different… and I show my bf so much more love hehe… anyways love the movie… love Shane xD… LOVE mandy..and her gorgeous voice…

  4. Meagan says:

    I personally don’t think Mandy Moore would post some stupid crap like this… I love her and her voice so much!!! (:

  5. Abbi says:

    Mandy moore seems like a very nice person, and wouldn’t post stuff like that.
    p.s. Mandy ur an amzing actress and singer, and a role model to many people xoxoxo

  6. Hot mama says:

    He’s an ass face

  7. Sexy ass says:

    I love both of u stop fifth

    P.s u should be together

  8. Tiffany says:

    I would just like to say that who ever said those things probably
    have feelings for Mandy Moore and are trying to cause
    trouble in her life.why are people always like that
    but Mandy don’t take any notice 2 them..u are a
    wonderful person *sTaySweet* love you lots T.HARTZENBERG

  9. RuNvS is a god says:

    I was there in 2002. It really happened.

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