Mandy Moore Drops Out Of ‘Havoc’

Contributed by atomickitten: Earlier this year, had signed to star in ‘Havoc’, a filmed directed by 2-time Oscar winner Barbara Kopple and written by Oscar winner Stephen Gaghan. The movie is about 2 rich suburban girls who get lost in East LA, in the world of Latino gangsters. But a few months ago, Mandy and her costar Jenna Malone both dropped from the movie. In a recent post on her board, Mandy explains the reason for her decision, and gives a peak at her upcoming, much anticipated new project.

Mandy Moore Previews Tonight Show Outfit

October 30, 2003 – Mandy posted some new messages on her official website on Thursday, previewing her appearance tonight on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She writes:

Guys! wow…. what a great wake-up call to receive yesterday morning! As I’ve said in regards to this record—-sales or debuts, etc. are not a concern to me. I guess it’s just a perk to hear that people are curious about the music. I hope you guys are enjoying it as much as I had making it. Oh and ps: try to watch VH1’s All Access’— I saw it yesterday and it was quite entertaining and honest. Oh that and… Leno is on tonight. I will be wearing a black pencil skirt and a pink top with my favorite little zebra heels.”

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4 thoughts on “Mandy Moore Drops Out Of ‘Havoc’

  1. mandysman_187 says:

    *sigh* Unfortunately, the “real” Mandy Moore doesn’t post on the Sony board. “MANDYMOORE” is just a username that we moderators use to pretend that we’re Mandy Moore. We had a pretty good scam going for a while because we could sell those posts to Popdirt. But now the “real” Mandy has threatened to sue us if we don’t come clean with our scam. :( So, that’s really how it is kids. Angela627 is going to be in some serious doo doo because she is still fraudulently posting as “MANDYMOORE” and making her say cool stuff about her like she personally knows her or something. She is just a loner that is desperate for attention and pretending to know Mandy Moore is her only way to be popular. I’m sorry for fooling you everyone. Jerry

  2. atomickitten says:

    The only one lying is YOU. YOU were the one who pretended to be Mandy on the other board, and when we found out your little lie, you got mad. That is the only reason you’re doing this. Mandy DOES post on the Sony board and that is the REAL Mandy, so stop lying and do something with your worthless life.

  3. mandysman_187 says:

    You’re scam is over Angela/atomickitten. Sadly, you insist on keeping up this false front to make your story look good. Sad. :( Jerry

  4. Angela627 says:

    you are pathetic. Is posing a hobby or just a disorder for you?

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