Mandy Moore Flattered By Nicholas Sparks’ Kind Words

Nicholas Sparks put in a kind word for Mandy Moore his acknowledgments in his new novel ‘Nights in Rodanthe’. Sparks wrote, “Mandy Moore and Shane West were both wonderful in ‘A Walk To Remember’, and I appreciate their enthusiasm for the project.” Mandy told fans on her official message board in response, “I am beyond flattered. He actually sent me an advance of the book a few months ago (it’s an excellent read by the way — pick it up). He’s such an amazing individual. I hold him in such high regard.”

‘Try Seventeen’ Review From Mandy Moore Fan

September 17, 2002 – canadaluvsmandy on the Mandy official site message board posted her review of the ‘Try Seventeen’ debut at the Toronto Film Festival. The fan commented, “Faboulous! Easily one of the most original romantic comedy’s I have seen is ages, ‘Try Seventeen’ manages to side-step all the cheesy cliches usually inherent in this kind of film. Great dialogue is only one of the many praises I can heap upon the script. It’s witty, intelligent, original, and not afraid to take chances with the audience. But the story is all the more richer for it. It never steps where you think it will, instead surprising the viewer with some scenarios we haven’t seen before.”

Mandy Moore Shoots New Video

September 14, 2002 – Mandy’s official website reports, “Mandy has just shot a brand new video for a brand new song. We can’t tell you what song it’s for yet, but we can tell you that she’s more excited about this than she has ever been about any other recording or video she has done! More details coming soon!” Most likely it’s for a movie soundtrack.

Mandy Moore’s New Boyfriend Is Andy Roddick

September 14, 2002 – Contributed by princezzjezz: In an interview with the Philippine Star about her being the new face of clothing brand ‘Penshoppe’, Mandy Moore spoke about her relationship with her new boyfriend. She said “It’s a very new thing. I’m very happy.” Stylist Jazmin Krozba said, “She was very pre-occupied thinking about her boyfriend who’s playing at the U.S. Open tonight for the quarterfinals. She was gushing.” Of course, she’s referring to Andy Roddick, the current 11-rank professional tennis player in the world today.

Mandy Moore Would Never Touch A Cigarette

September 13, 2002 – Mandy tells fans on her official site’s forum that despite rumors that she is a smoker, it simply isn’t the case. “I am not offended by those whom choose to smoke (a lot of my friends do and I ride their butts all the time trying to get them to quit, but alas I am unsuccessful). I, however, have never touched one and would never. Big boo.”

Mandy Moore A Fan Of Mila Jovovich’s Fashion Sense

September 11, 2002 – Mandy told fans on her official message board she is an admirer of Mila Jovovich’s fashion sense. Mandy said, “In Teen People I stated that I admire Mila’s fashion sense, and stand behind that, because she never fails to dazzle when it comes to looking classy and beautiful. As far as her acting skills, I haven’t seen any of her films. She rocks though.”

Mandy Advises Girl In Forum To ‘Get Away’ From Abuse

September 11, 2002 – A fan on the Mandy official message board shared her story of abuse and stalking by her boyfriend looking for help from other forum members and Mandy herself. Mandy posted, “Get away and never look back. You don’t deserve to spend your days that way and he obviously doesn’t deserve your love. We are all here for you babe. Whenever you need to talk. xoxox my prayers are with you.”

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