Mandy Moore Forum Moderator Pays Unexpected Visit

A fascinating development occurred over the weekend as a moderator at the official site message board visited Mandy’s home over the weekend and spent the night. Mandy says, “YES, I felt a little freaked out… but who wouldn’t? I was in my house with my parents, my boyfriend, cats, dog, etc… watching home movies and relaxing. I felt uncomfortable having someone not only that I didn’t know, but my brother and his friends didn’t really know, in my house to sleep over.” Mandy’s brother did in fact know he was coming over based on a chat transcript Jon had saved on his computer to prove it.

Says She Likes MTV/Neutrogena Spots

October 17, 2001 – Mandy addressed commercialism by pop acts on her official site message board and how it seems acts care more about money than music saying, “That’s what TV commercials and radio spots are all about: getting you to BUY their product. so why not advertise with something already proven successful? I am sure there are many artists out there (pop, alternative, rap, R&B, etc.) who don’t really like all of the music they are sending out to people, and do I feel like I am selling out by doing Neutrogena commercials and MTV. Nope. I REALLY enjoy doing those things… and in a day and age when you must also sell yourself in other markets that are not directly music related and not solely relying on radio airplay.”

Seeing Mandy’s Bra Upsets Conservative Fans

October 17, 2001 – responded to concern on her official site message board about a outfit she wore at a recent appearance that showed her bra saying, “Oh my goodness… calm down everyone lol! I wore a shirt that was sheer, so I wore a black bra underneath…. That is tasteful. inappropriate would have been not wearing anything underneath. I have been myself and not copying anyone, changing my “image, “growing up” all along. It was t-shirt!!! Come on you guys… analyzing everything… good grief! lol”

Mandy Movie Trailer Debut

October 17, 2001 – Mandy Moore gave message board visitors a tip that the trailer for her upcoming film ‘A Walk to Remember’ will debut for the first time, this weekend before the showing of ‘Riding in Cars With Boys.’ Mandy says, “The movie looks like it’s gonna rock, so go support it anyways.” Assume she was talking about the ‘Riding…’ film and not her own.

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