Mandy Moore Gets Mooned By Fans

A fan on Mandy Moore’s official site message board says some friends of his had mooned and her boyfriend at the time Wilmer Valderrama at a packed restaurant, CPK. Afterwards, Wilmer chased the butt flashers and banged on their car window. Mandy responded to the report, and another on Wilmer having road rage against him by saying, “Oh my gosh….. lol! genius. I can’t confirm the first part of the story….. hmmmm (since we have since parted ways), but I can tell you that yes, your friends mooned me…. not Wilmer and I was beyond embarrassed. We were eating dinner at CPK (one of Wilmer’s friends worked there) and they called my name, just as they were exiting and dropped their pants. As you can imagine, I was horrified because the restaurant was packed with families and everyone turned their attention towards me. It was awful. why would they have done that? Hmmm anyways… Funny story dude, funny story.” The guy then posted his picture trying to land a date with the pop princess.

Insists She’s No Britney Spears

March 6, 2002 – Aparita Bhandari of the Toronto Sun spoke with Mandy as the singer is in Canada this week on a promo tour. Bhandari asked about Britney Spears comparisons but Mandy distinguished herself saying, “Well, I am a brunette now. So that’s different, right?” Moore added, “If you have blonde hair, you’re a woman and you sing pop music, for some people that means you have to be like the person before you. But I am a different person.”

Talks With Fans

March 4, 2002 – Mandy was on an online chat with earlier today where she addressed a variety of issues including her new film ‘Try Seventeen’, her previous hit ‘A Walk to Remember’, and several personal questions. Having such a business schedule, one asked if the trouble Mariah Carey had recently has effected how she feels about having a busy schedule as a singer and actress. Mandy said, “I think that I am very privileged to not be the biggest mega-superstar in the world and to have the most hectic, crazy schedule in the world. I sympathize with Mariah, but I can’t completely fit my head around the concept of physical, mental exhaustion, because my schedule has never been that crazy.”

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