Mandy Moore Guitarist Jason Hook’s 20 Questions

and Bullet Boys guitarist Jason Hook took time to do 20 questions with When asked what’s the longest amount of time he’s spent alone with the much younger Mandy, Hook revealed, “Maybe a half hour. Usually before a show, we will go somewhere quiet and run through some songs and vocal exercises for her to warm up. One time at Nassau Coliseum it was so loud backstage, we went into a shower so we could hear ourselves. We both thought it was pretty funny.”

Mandy Moore Says She Was At Joseph’s

April 4, 2002 – When Mandy was told of the New York Daily News story that she was dancing at Joseph’s with and on her official site’s message board, she replied, “I went back to LA to celebrate Easter with my family and was there Monday night with a friend. Hehe… I don’t know if the others were there, but you guys know I don’t dance.” Mandy added, “PS: I have no bodyguard. lol.”

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