Mandy Moore Happily Married To Shane West

After getting faced with the question if she’s dating her ‘A Walk To Remember’ co-star Shane West, told fans on her official site message board yesterday, “Sorry… you are all wrong. We are happily married. That is all… Thanks :)” She’s joking of course.

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69 thoughts on “Mandy Moore Happily Married To Shane West

  1. l.p. says:

    What? Shane West is HOT

  2. Sooks says:

    WOW! how I wish that was true… haha they really look really good together :)

  3. june says:

    why did Shane kiss here any way I think she pretty Mandy Moore is pretty then anyone else.

  4. cami says:

    I want to know are you with Shane West together,please answer me I love you

  5. samantha mason says:

    Who is Shane West married to or is he single?

  6. samantha mason says:

    Is Shane West married to Mandy Moore??

  7. sayantan nandi says:


  8. Tina says:

    Its a shame that they are really not together! A WALK TO REMEMBER by far is the best movie, and the way they play their parts is nothing short of love. The way he looks at her when they are doing the play at school, its really heartfelt. If any two people could pull it off, I believe they could. I hope to see more movies in the future with them playing the major parts. They just look good together!

  9. rachelle anne says:

    I’m asking if Shane west and Mandy Moore are married, because they are meant for each other and I like there team up……..HOW I WISH THEY COULD BE TOGETHER HOW I REALLY WISH…………PLEASE…ANSWER MY QUESTION IF Shane west and Mandy Moore are married????????

  10. popdirt says:

    Mandy Moore is married to singer Ryan Adams (not Bryan Adams).

  11. naah says:

    ughh they need to be together. this is ridiculous.
    they are the cutest couple. and after doing a walk to remember you would think they would be together. a walk to remember is the saddest and best movie ever ! <3

  12. Paige says:


  13. Valerie says:

    Shane West and Mandy Moore rock. They both made this movie what it is. They are so much fun to watch. I would so love and live to see them in another movie. Please, anyone out there that can make this happen, please do so.VB

  14. cindy says:

    “Walk to remember is a great movie.
    Shane and Mandy are the best I have ever seen on screen by far. This movie a movie to remember. I would love to she these two beautiful people in another movie. They were made for each other and can almost become one. I Love their smiles, hugs and kisses.

  15. Kimberley Bryan says:

    I love your movie A Walk 2 Remember,u guys r perfect for each other.I would Hate if you guys broke up PLEASE do not break up I love you guys, Love Chubby,o by the way that is not my email but you can contact me if you like that would be awesome

  16. tessy says:

    A walk to remember is the best movie I have ever seen!!! Its simply superb. the pair rocks. The movie teaches us a lot of things about life too. don’t get to see many movies of this genre!!! Love it!

  17. Daia says:

    I loved A Walk to Remember. How I wish the two of them were actually dating. They make such a cute couple…

  18. ysabel says:

    how I wish they were dating hold on are they dating or not!?

  19. Jackie says:

    Why not? He is actually the only guy who you look great with. Since I saw who Moore has dated and been with…Shane is probably perfect! xD
    They look great together. (If Moore or West didn’t realize that yet)
    But umm..are they dating or what is really getting my curious….is HE married or dating? o.O

  20. Jackie says:

    whoops…spelling mistake
    getting me* curious

  21. Jackie says:

    That’s it!
    All in favor of Moore and West being together say “I”
    I hope Mandy changes her mind and GO FOR SHANE!

  22. martin says:

    what really happen between you and Shane you guys made the movie together and I watched all the movie and the and in the end it showed the clips about you and Shane and you to really looked happy together your guys love looked so real in the little clips if you guys never really dated then why make a movie together that really made that movie look so real what really happen its just not making a lot of since you guys really looked perfect together thanks for hearing what I have said

  23. Terri Arnder says:

    Their movie was awesome. I cry at the ending every time. My favorites are Titanic, The Notebook, and A Walk to Remember. Mandy & Shane became their characters. I have a huge DVD collection, and this movie made the top 10. Congratulations on a movie well made.

  24. togi says:

    If Shane West is not married to Mandy then I am glad because I wanna marry him. I am so in love with Shane West.

  25. $ saud $ says:

    I swear if that Shane is not die I will remain in the house without the full year to go out … This guy is the meaning of all that is beautiful, and gorgeous, and in my opinion, the best model bilateral and ideally in the field of Alloflam romance is not Shane and Mandy Moore,,,, thank you.

  26. devie says:

    Shane west and Mandy Moore are the best couple…i <3 their movie a walk to remember…<3<3<3

  27. kitri says:

    I hope they have another movie together. :)

  28. ryssh says:

    if it is true…both of them make a great couple!!!!!

  29. calm says:


  30. Britt says:

    Are you guys really DATING cause if you are that would be so great you are the best couple by far the walk to remember made me cry every time I watched it you two were meant for it that’s why you two should date for everybody I love you guys :)

  31. Britt says:

    Please reply <3

  32. popdirt says:

    Mandy Moore is married to Ryan Adams, so she’s not dating Shane West.

  33. Kenya says:

    I always thought that after Shane West and Mandy did a Walk to Remember I always thought the rumors wasn’t true but if she did marry him they would the perfect couple.

  34. Iliana says:

    Aww! I love this movie, it made me cry at the end. Shane west is awesome. Not to mention hot! I love his new show nikita, which also includes maggie q. Shes great too. I hope that’s the show puts them together. A walk to remember is the best oldish movie ever:)

  35. Olivo says:

    they really look good together .. so I’m hoping for their another team-up .. and also hoping for them to be a real couple .. Shane west is really good-looking, and Mandy Moore also was ..

  36. Leah says:

    Guys a walk to remember is just like the love story of Aerith and Cloud. The movie almost explain why Cleriths love Aerith and Cloud..

    Just like in the movie of A Walk To Remember, Jamie dies and Landon always remember her. In case of Cloud and Aerith,

    Aerith was killed by Sephiroth and Cloud felt guilt for not protecting Aerith.. You know guys something like that

    and most of all, Mandy Moore voiced Aerith on Kingdom Hearts English version :D..

  37. reyner says:

    are you married with Shane West?? please answer me..

  38. joanne says:

    I just watched A walk to remember yesterday ( I know, it’s 9 years late D: ), it was such a good and touching movie. They have really good chemistry together, too bad Mandy Moore is married :(.

  39. Meow says:

    It’s because she like ugly guy and he like shorter girls that’s why they never date :(

  40. cheryllynn says:

    I like the part that when Shane was sitting and Mandy Moore singing lol

  41. cheryllynn says:

    my Shane was really awesome.

  42. eulz says:

    wow!!!!Mandy Moore and Shane West was awesome!!!!
    i wish there will be part three….

  43. Isabella says:

    I saw the movie today (yeah late), and I cried 3 pillows full.
    It was really touching and like a lot of girls I think Shane is hot.
    I thought they had a great chemistry, so sad they aren’t a couple.

  44. shekainah says:

    of course not!!!

  45. christine says:

    i really love “a walk to remember” its the best movie I’ve ever seen… Shane and Mandy has the best team up… love them both..

  46. ??? says:

    I think he is not fit to play Landon he’s not a bad actor but they should choose someone that has crystal clear voice. Whenever I see the DVD I had to see the subtitles or I won’t understand a word he say.

  47. Someone says:

    I feel jealous when I know the twilight costar are dating no wonder it win lots of award because it’s real deal..but the weird thing is I hate watching twilight I love awtr more.

  48. jheianne says:

    The last time I watched this movie was 7 years ago and last week, I watched it again. I really cried. They’re one of the best team up ever. No wonder they won choice chemistry award. Shane West is freaking hot! Too bad they’re not together. . :(

  49. neko says:

    Shane and Mandy were so superb,i also take it as a yes for the (great, best, outstanding) couple. That’s not all,just the introduction of what has been proficiently done…there is so much more…oh!how i wish i were Mandy she is.. I don’t know LUCKY! Hoping to see many more from you guys.I LOVE YOU AND GOD BLESS!

  50. Juliet says:

    I love shane west and mandy moore and i wish they were together they will make a perfect couple.

  51. rinka says:

    This article posted on 23rd july, 2002……..&

    Still get comment from people!! is it great!

    Anyway, i think they looks good together.

  52. Megdee says:

    A WALK TO REMEMBER is the best movie I ever saw and I watch it everyday before I sleep,there so much to learn from that young couple,shane west and mandy moore they make a great couple

  53. lala says:

    awesome. movie. i just watch it. how romantic

  54. Angelika says:

    I just watched the movie. It was very romantic…. I think Shane West and Mandy Moore look good together, I wish it’s true that they’re happily married… (hahahaha)

  55. Courtney says:

    It looks so really it make me want to cry because they should be together

  56. Debby says:

    I watch dis movie over and over and over……..again that i wonder if am going crazy or what,A walk to remember realy taught me alot about relationship:if ur interested in someone go for it;be chaste during date and dont wait for too long befor getting married to someone whom you cherish for many good reasons.

  57. nie says:

    I miss you guys playing together in a movie again ….. please Mandy Moore and Shane West is the best couple……really

  58. abi says:

    I hope it is true :)

  59. catssy says:

    How is it that it’s only recently that I discover this movie of mandy and shane? I’ve been watching this film for 5 days now! So far, its the best movie ever that I’ve watched! So inspiring! Congratulations to shane and mandy for that fine performance! Shane as Landon was so, so good! And for Nicholas Sparks who gave the story for all of us! And I discovered the music of switchfoot too :) The movie was simply awesome !!

  60. lindab says:

    AWTR is & still is an awesome movie. Cried everytime i watched. Heartfelt, full of love …… Shane & Mandy….u guys are awesome. Both of you acted so well …. chemistry is there… i was hoping tt u both wud hit it off offscreen but u guys had your own plans… Anyways, hoped to see both Shane & Mandy on screen together as lead actor/actress.

  61. elbee zou says:

    I really wish the above line, “Sorry… you are all wrong. We are happily married. That is all… ” to be true. They had the best chemistry.

  62. miniamba says:


  63. Jazminetea says:

    The are the best couple I’ve ever know. Well, I hope so they would be a couple in the real live. Perfect chemistry and maybe it’s better if this would be a real? :P
    I hope so. Aminnn
    love Shane West and Mandy Moore
    and thorugh the novel, Nicolas Sparks teach us about a pure love :)

  64. Colz says:

    Not sure why it took me so long to discover this movie
    But i am so so glad i did! But 12 years..? Really?
    Ive been totally missing out!! It really is a fantastic
    And Wonderful movie!! Absolutely inspiring!!
    So happy i discovered it! And as mentioned, the
    Chemistry between Shane & Mandy is incredible!
    They should be together!! And have to research what
    Each of them are doing today.., 12 – 13 years later..
    Many blessings to all of you for bringing this movie
    To me… Amen. And Damn – Shane is HOT!! Lol

  65. Marcy says:

    Such a great movie! I would love to see Shane West and Mandy Moore in more moves!

  66. Alice says:

    I want Mandy Moore and Shane west to be together so bad!!! When i watched a walk to remember , I fell in love with them and I thought they were together!! Damn it. They have this natural,undeniable and electrifying chemistry!! I hope to see them again in a movie very soon.

  67. Dina says:

    A Walk To Remember really a moving romantic movie.I’ve been hesitant to watch it before but I’m glad I watched it recently and its leave a deep sadness because their love story was so so sweet and touching!.Mandy and Shane should work again together bring new magical to their shippers!.They are so belong together.

  68. Shawna says:

    Many Moore should be with Shane West because they are a good couple and they work very good together. And when you see them in “A Walk To Remember” it’s like magic.And it truly looked like them were in love.Just like in the movie I think they were meant for each other.

  69. khalibin says:

    Mandy if you don’t marry Shane West
    know that you fall feelings

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