Mandy Moore Hosts TRL On Monday

was guest host today on MTV’s Total Request Live. No guests for Moore, but she did take a few phone calls, including one from her home town. For a transcript on highlights of her appearance, read on.

Celebrity crush: “That is hard! I would have so say it is John Mayer. I think he is awesome and love his music there we go.”

Well, luckily nothing has gotten too overwhelming at this point but I guess like everybody else does sleep help right when you are really stressed out or listening to music, lighting candles that sort of thing. I don’t know how to answer that. Maybe a couple months from now if things go crazy


Mandy: Welcome back to TRL wha’ssup I am Mandy Moore, your special guest host today. Oooh! We certainly have an energetic crowd wha’ssup, Alex.

Phoner: Good how are you.

Mandy: Where from.

Phoner: Your hometown, Sabletown I go to lake brownie in Orlando, Florida.

Mandy: My goodness.

Phoner: Do you believe that?

Mandy: I can’t. What’s going on what’s your question, dude.

Phoner: Not much. I wondered how often you get to come back in town and we miss you over here what’s going on.

Mandy: Thanks. I miss you, too. Probably not as often as I’d want to but every couple of months which is nice but again certainly not enough.

Phoner: Right on. Cool, cool. My sister was even in your biology class in middle school.

Mandy: No way. Tell her I said hello.

Phoner: I will.

Mandy: How ironic thanks so much for the call, Alex.

Phoner: All right, Mandy.

Mandy: ‘Great to hear from you. Have a great day.


Mandy: Welcome back to TRL big week ahead I’m takin’ over TRL today I got

[Inaudible] From keck keck on phone who has a question for me. Wha’ssup.

Phoner: How are you.

Mandy: I’m okay, dude.

Phoner: Wha’ssup with your new movie, album and new video.

Mandy: Oh, my goodness I just finished the film actually Friday called “Saved” and I also have another film coming out in April called “How to Deal” I did this summer in Toronto kinda busy with the film things but heading back to the studio next week to start recording the next record so very exciting


Mandy: Who knows maybe next year but, dude thanks for the question wow!

Mandy: Justin Timberlake “like i love you” a great song, it’s really grown on me I really like it.

Mandy: Christina Aguilera “Dirrty” at no. 3 wow! It is definitely dirty, wow

Mandy: Wow! Pretty cool right that’s a world premiere of Sum 41 “Still Waiting” you guys like that I thought it was hot i t you should vote that onto your top 10 but that’s just me.

Mandy: her new album “charm bracelet” doesn’t hit stores until December 10th but we snuck a copy of her album cover. Check it out. It is pretty great nice well, you already showed it it is pretty nice right

Mandy: Eminem is just the best. I wonder if — no wonder he maintained no. 1 over the weekend.

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