Mandy Moore Inquires About Sex Film Project

The New York Post reports made inquiries John Cameron Mitchell’s ‘The Sex Film Project’ will feature actors having actual sex while cameras roll. Mitchell says, “Someone from William Morris called and said, ‘Is there a part for Mandy Moore?'” After being advised by Mitchell to check out the movie’s Web site, which features a man performing oral sex on himself, “they lost interest”, he said.

Insulted By Fans Over Movie Poster

January 4, 2003 – Fans on Mandy’s official forum managed to get the singer/actress upset by making critical remarks of the movie poster for the upcoming ‘How to Deal’. After reading complaints that she didn’t looked different in the picture and looked fat, Mandy responded, “Woah… You guys are real nice.”

Gives Update On Next Album

December 29, 2002 – A fan asked Mandy on her official website how far she is along on her new album. Mandy responded, “Only 4 songs have been recorded thus far, as I decided to take most of November and December off to spend with friends and family. I am on vacation right now, but as soon I get home, I am heading right back into the studio. At this point, most of the decided-upon tracks should be done. This album is pretty different than what most are expecting and is being kept quite hush-hush by all those working on it. I suspect it should be done by mid-February, but as far as a relase date. I have no clue. I’ve heard whispers of a late April, early May release, but it’s not really up to me, lol.”

Mandy Moore Describes Her Photo With Andy Roddick

December 19, 2002 – Mandy shared her thoughts on the recent photo of her and boyfriend Andy Roddick watching the Miami Heat NBA game earlier this week. Mandy said, “I like that picture. Much more than the ‘first official’ one. But come on… some people are reading into it way too much. It’s one random picture… one where I happened to be looking up at some friends who came to the game with us. I am very happy and in love and glad the picture depicts that in a sense.”

Mandy Moore Says ‘Saved’ Gay Lines Are Misquoted

December 11, 2002 – Mandy denied a posting on her official message board that quoted her ‘Saved’ character Hillary Faye saying, “I mean honestly your not born a gay your born again. You gave someone a job at the promisemakers rally right? Prayer Works, its been medically proven.” Mandy says, “Those lines are definitely misquoted and from about 4 different scenes — not one big monologue. and as much as I love it, don’t believe everything you read on imdb. They let any/everyone submit info. And for those of you who don’t know, ‘Saved’ isn’t anti-anything, it’s a celebration of Christianity and finding out who you are in the form of a comedy.”

Mandy Moore Is ‘Protected’

December 8, 2002 – Commenting on the same photo discussed earlier, Mandy explained what was on her shirt that she wore watching boyfriend Andy Roddick play tennis. Mandy said, “I wear vintage t-shirts everyday. That particular one is an old insurance agency t-shirt Get the ‘protection’ part now??? lol.” The shirt said ‘protected’ on it with some sort of crown below.

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