Mandy Moore Instructed To Be Standoffish On ‘Walk’ Set

Roger Moore of the Orlando Sentinel spoke with about her movie ‘A Walk To Remember’ where the singer revealed the movie’s director Adam Shankman decided Mandy shouldn’t talk to the other members of the cast and crew to be more like her character. Mandy admits, “So everyone’s coming up to me and going, ‘Hey, Mandy. It’s really nice to meet you!’ And I just go, ‘Hi.’ Didn’t talk at all. And they’d be going, to Adam, ‘I’d heard all these cool things about Mandy Moore, but she’s really not a very nice person.'”

Mandy To Appear Live On Tonight Show

February 3, 2002 – Apparently this Friday’s Tonight Show With Jay Leno will be broadcast live (at least on the East coast), and Jay’s second guest will be Mandy Moore. Mandy will first sing ‘Cry’ and then talk to Jay about ‘A Walk to Remember.’ Check your local listings.

Howard Stern & Dad Enjoy Movie

February 3, 2002 – Howard Stern talked about his weekend on his radio show this morning and revealed he had a birthday party for his daughter on Friday where she and her 25 or so friends joined Howard and his father to watch the starring ‘A Walk To Remember.’ Howard said he and his father enjoyed the movie even though it was kind of gay.

Pop Stars Becoming Film Stars Examined

January 26, 2002 – Jonathan Takiff of the Philadelphia Daily News profiled the continuing tend of pop stars crossing over into film. Takiff examined the successes and failures of Mandy Moore, Mariah Carey, *NSYNC, Britney Spears, and Madonna. Takiff said, “Even though ‘Glitter’ and ‘On the Line’ bombed badly at the box office and soundtrack chart, and the advance word on Spears’ road trip isn’t promising much besides the chance to see the pop queen in a wet T-shirt, these low-budget films are all likely to recoup their relatively slight investments through home video, airline and TV showings.”

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