Mandy Moore: I’ve Never Been A Republican

The New York Post reports profiled Details magazine’s September issue and their report on stealth celebrity conservatives, including Jessica Simpson and Mandy Moore. But when contacted by The Post, Moore vehemently denied any affiliation to the Republican party via her publicist, who emphatically stated that “Mandy is not, nor has she ever been, a Republican.”

In December 2001, Moore performed at the TNT Christmas in Washington, which was attended by President Bush. She told readers on her website then: “I still can not believe I had the honor to meet our PRESIDENT and perform for him and the First Lady. It could have been one of the coolest moments of my life (and the proudest for my parents). Regardless of your political preference, meeting one of the most influential men in the world is truly unimaginable.”

Mandy Moore Comes To Edinburgh

August 17, 2004 – OK! Magazine reports that Mandy will be in Edinburgh, Scotland for the International Gala Premiere of ‘Saved!’. The film is being shown at UGC Cinemas, Fountain Park on August 20th and 25th. Both showings are sold out. More details can be found at

Lazy Days For Mandy Moore

August 11, 2004 – Mandy posted a message to her fans on Sunday (August 8). The singer/actress writes, “Guys, eek! Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve said hello. I wish I could blame it on some insanely hectic schedule, but I’ve been kind of a lazy bum recently. In between watching some wonderful films, hanging with some new friends, and going to the occasional meeting, I’ve been writing a bunch with my friend James (who is *amazing* by the way) and I’m really excited to find the right producer, band, etc… and get working on the record for real.” Forum speculators are guessing “James” is James Renald, who was the writer for Moore’s single ‘Cry’ and is the member of the Canadian group Sky. In an interview with, Moore said Renald “could be one of the most talented singer-songwriters out there.”

Mandy Moore’s Favorite Artists Of The Moment

July 21, 2004 – Mandy responded to a question on her official forum listing her favorite artists of the moment. Moore included Patty Griffin, Joan Armatrading, Jeff Buckley, John Mayer, Carole King, and Butterfly Boucher. Moore also said she wanted to cover Armatrading’s ‘Show Some Emotion’ on her next album.

Mandy Moore Loves The Beach

July 13, 2004 – Mandy tells fans on her official forum that she loves the beach when she’s at home in California. “When I’m home (in California), nothing makes my day more than driving to the beach alone,” Moore wrote on Monday (July 12). “I put the top down on my car and shamelessly sing along to my favorite songs. it kinda rejuvenates me.”

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6 thoughts on “Mandy Moore: I’ve Never Been A Republican

  1. popmaster167 says:

    Great, its good to know she’s not a war-monger, and yeah I can understand why its an honor to sing for the president of the USA, in principal anyway. Only the best and most respectable artists get to sing for the most powerful man in the world.

  2. carbonmade says:

    That’s the thing about the majority of people who post on they’re mindless and complete idiots. You probably know nothing about politics nor the judicial system and would let anybody run the country.. No, it doesn’t matter if Mandy Moore is conservative or liberal, at least not in the musical sense, but it’s nice to know what her beliefs are. That is all.

  3. wendyleigh says:

    I like how you guys rip Britney and Christina apart for their actions and then you pick apart Mandy for being too boring. Just because you are 21 and a celebrity doesn’t mean you have to go crazy. You would love it if she went off the deep end cause then it would give your sad little existence something to talk about. How pathetic for you.

  4. EvanescenceSucks says:

    Yeah, most of the people on here are probably under the age of 14…. (more), hence naive and ignorant of the world around them. No offense to the smart young kids, but most teens and preteens are more concerned with whether they’re going to get a zit than with what new bill the President signed into law.

  5. blatina says:

    1. I’ve never ripped Britney or Christina for their actions because I DONT CARE what they do. 2. Did I said she has to go crazy? Just because I said she’s boring doesn’t mean I’m saying she has to be crazy. IT MEANS THAT SHE HAS NO PERSONALITY. I guess having a personality is “going off the deep end” to someone like you. 3. “You would love it if she went off the deep end cause then it would give your sad little existence something to talk about. How pathetic for you. ” lmao! I can’t even believed you said that! That’s coming from someone who just typed an essay to defend someone they don’t know and on top of all of that, you’re an idiot for thinking that saying she’s boring is saying that she needs to go crazy.

  6. allyouwanted says:

    Just because we’re around that age does not make us teenyboppers- I find myself not conforming to everyone else and it doesn’t make as naive to the world, I could be smarter about morality and philosophy than some of you and you might not know it. you guys were all at that age anyways so don’t call us stupid

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