Mandy Moore Meets Josh Groban

Contributed by AmandaMooreFan: recently got the chance to meet one of her celebrity crushes, Josh Groban. “I actually met Josh the other evening (we both had shows in Orlando),” she posted on her official message board. “He was lovely—very polite and we had common interests. That’s it though.”

Apologizes For Being Away From Forum

April 26, 2002 – apologized to fans on her official website’s message board on Friday for not replying to posts for several days. Mandy said, “I have been home with my new computer that for some unknown reason, decides to prevent me from posting. I have been online reading your messages for the past few weeks, but haven’t been able to respond.” Mandy responded to a few recent posts including her upcoming film project ‘How To Deal’.

Mandy Moore ‘Deeply Saddened’ By Left Eye’s Death

April 26, 2002 – Mandy told fans on her official site’s message board on Friday that she’s “deeply saddened” following the tragic death of TLC’s Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes in Honduras on Thursday night. Mandy said, “I am deeply saddened to have heard the news this morning. Like everyone has said, I kinda grew up [to] their music. It is terribly tragic. My prayers are with her family and friends.”

Did Wilmer Dump Mandy For ’70’s Show’ Co-Star?

April 25, 2002 – The current issue of National Enquirer sports a hot and heavy photo of Wilmer Valderrama nuzzling with his co-star in ‘That ’70’s Show’ Mila Kunis. The two were both celebrating at a party in Los Angeles for the 100th episode of the Fox comedy. Mila’s on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn on Thursday, so perhaps she’ll be quizzed on the shot and whether she stole Mandy Moore’s boyfriend.

Mandy Moore To Present At Kids’ Choice Awards

April 19, 2002 – Contributed by AmandaMooreFan: Tune in this Saturday to watch as Mandy presents an award during the 2002 Kid’s Choice Awards telecast. Labelmates, B2K will perform live during show, and 3LW will also do a pre-awards telecast interview. Tune in for it all Saturday, April 20 at 8PM on Nickelodeon.

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