Mandy Moore On Dating Wilmer Valderrama

Newsweek spoke with in a Q&A and asked the singer about dating Wilmer Valderrama, and “who hasn’t dated” the ‘That ’70s Show’ star. “But I was the first! I was 16; he was my first boyfriend,” she said. “I started quite the trend, didn’t I? Ladies love them some Wilmer. He’s a good guy. I actually still keep in touch with him. I think people make him out to be this crazy ladies’ man, but he’s such a gentleman. My parents loved him.” No word if the interview was conducted before or after the Howard Stern interview with Valderrama, where he bragged about taking Moore’s virginity.

Mandy Moore: ‘I’m Just Boring’

April 16, 2006 – Mandy, a self-confessed “homebody,” who lives with her two brothers in Los Angeles, spoke with The New York Daily News about avoiding the club scene her peers are notorious for being a part of and getting much more tabloid attention because of it. “I don’t think I’m really interesting enough to gossip about,” she joked. “I feel like there’s this on-off switch. Like when you’re at work, you turn it on – and not necessarily become a different person – but when I leave, I go back to my apartment and I watch TiVo and I’m in my pajamas and I order in food. I think it’s just trying to stay grounded and a quiet life that’s maybe kept me out of trouble. I’m just boring when it comes down to it. I’m an old woman at 22.”

CSN Celebrity Public Service Announcement Campaign

April 15, 2006 – In response to the enormous and growing dangers that exist to young people who use the internet, the Child Safety Network and the Klaas Kids Foundation are hosting free resources for kids, teens, parents and teachers at To make the public aware of these vital free resources Celine Dion, Hilary Duff, Mandy Moore, Christy Carlson Romano, Paula Abdul, and others have appeared in Public Service Announcements (PSAs) just launched nation-wide. Watch the ads online at

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