Mandy Moore On TRL Clip Thursday

MTV News caught up with Mandy Moore, Franka Potente, and Elijah Wood on the set of ‘Try Seventeen’ in Vancouver (so it was taped quite awhile back). Mandy and Elijah talked about how uncomfortable their secret kissing scene was in the film, and Franka commented, “I really like him.” Rumors had surfaced that Elijah had dumped Mandy for Franka.

Elijah: I’m Elijah Woods and we are here in Vancouver and you are doing that weird MTV camera thing, ha-ha and we’re on the of a movie called “Try 17”

>> On the set you can feel the heat between Elijah and hottie Mandy Moore during the too-secret-even for mtv kissing scene.

Elijah: It required a kiss.

>> A kiss.

Elijah: We kissed and doing a kissing scene with anyone.

>> It is strange.

Elijah: It’s very odd.

>> Most people would be like, dude! Kissin’ Mandy Moore. ‘Cool.

Elijah: Like, oh, whatever come here let me give you a kiss.

>> Not only does he lock lips with her but there is serious chemistry between him and:.

Franka: It’s cool. I really like him. I teach him German and he teaches me more elaborate English.

Elijah: I was a huge fan of hers before the movie and it became something quite special. Mandy Moore and Franka, fantastic! Furs.

>> Elijah Wood and Mandy Moore “Try 17” s hit theaters in 2003

Mandy Moore Updates Fans On Upcoming Projects

July 25, 2002 – Mandy checked in with fans on her official message board Thursday and updated her status on upcoming film projects and music. Moore said, “After HTD [her latest film ‘How To Deal’], I am headed back to LA for a few weeks to hop into the studio (working on some demos for the next album), a couple of meetings, some downtime, and prepping for the next film, ‘Saved’. The script to ‘Saved’ is wonderfully witty and was so funny, I was rolling on the floor in hysterics. The cast is incredible too (Jena Malone, Macauley Culkin, Mary Louise Parker, Patrick Fuggit, Heather Matarazzo, etc.). I would have been silly to pass up the honor to work with those folks…. you’ll see.”

“I wish you guys could see how passionate I am about what I do — not just music, but film as well. I am as picky about film projects as I am with my music (although some of the ‘newer’ music is NOT reflective of my taste for the new album). I definitely don’t jump at the first script. If I had, then ‘Walk’ would never have been an option for me. The truth is, I am more than ready to venture into the studio, but there are still some issues to be resolved and timing is everything. Just wait, I promise to make it more than worth your while.”

Mandy Moore Says She’s More Comfortable As Brunette

July 24, 2002 – Entertainment Tonight caught up with Mandy to talk about her new film ‘How To Deal’, which is set for a Valentine’s Day release next year. Mandy also talked about her brunette hair, a color she’s gone with for quite awhile now, and intends to keep that way. “It’s very weird. I feel like a completely different girl,” she said. “I look back at pictures with myself with blonde hair and cringe. What was I thinking? I’m definitely more comfortable as a brunette. I feel more like myself, as stupid as that sounds, since it’s just hair color. It’s nice.”

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