Mandy Moore Only Gets One Trick Or Treater

Mandy Moore checked in with fans on her official forum on this morning. She writes:

Ok, the family did not go skydiving yesterday. Yucky weather, and a few things came up that kept me stuck in traffic until 6 pm. I hate the traffic here! And we had only 1 trick or treater at the house last night… 1. now there’s the largest bucket of chocolate (yuck) left. I think we might try the skydiving adventure again today or tomorrow. Whatever the birthday boy wants. Hope you guys liked Leno. Also, I think ‘Dateline’ is on this Sunday… or Friday. Check it out. Woo hoo.

Mandy Moore Talks ‘Coverage’

November 1, 2003 – Mandy spoke with the WGN news team in Chicago via satellite in New York about her new cover album ‘Coverage’, and how far she’s come since she signed her first record deal. Video has since been removed.

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7 thoughts on “Mandy Moore Only Gets One Trick Or Treater

  1. mandysman_187 says:

    Unfortunately, the “real” Mandy Moore doesn’t post on the Sony board. “MANDYMOORE” is just a username that we moderators use to pretend that we’re Mandy Moore. We had a pretty good scam going for a while because we could sell those posts to Popdirt. But now the “real” Mandy has threatened to sue us if we don’t come clean with our scam.

  2. Angela627 says:

    What the person posted above could not be further from the truth. first of all, this is not Jerry, but someone posing as him. second, Mandy DOES post on the Sony board, that is the truth. It is Mandy herself, if you go to the board and look at MANDYMOORE posts, it will match up. third, we do not sell posts to popdirt. And I am sure the owner of popdirt does not like people spreading false lies about his site.

  3. mandysman_187 says:

    There’s no sense lying about all of this anymore Angela. Our scam is over. We should just hope that the fans forgive us and the Mandy’s real official board doesn’t sue us. :( Jerry

  4. atomickitten says:

    That person posing as Jerry from the Sony board is an imposter! I am a member of that board and Mandy DOES post there. Why are you doing this? What you said is the exact OPPOSITE of the truth, and Angela was right! YOU guys were the ones pretending to be Mandy on the other board, but the REAL Mandy has only posted on the Sony board. Your little game is over and everyone knows you’re a fake, so just let it go! You guys have been trying to ruin our board, and you just need to stop. I can’t believe you idiots brought your silly little lies over here too. We KNOW the real Mandy posts on the Sony board because she made a post telling us she would be wearing a black pencil skirt with pink blouse and zebra shoes on Leno…and that was exactly what she was wearing. Stop lying already.

  5. Angela627 says:

    Enough is enough, you are not Jerry. You are right, YOUR scam is over. But that is YOUR scam. stop pretending to be Mandy, stop pretending to Jerry, and stop trying to copy my e-mail accounts. Do you know what identity theft is? Do you know that it is a crime and that you can go to jail for it? Well if you didn’t you can, so either stop now or legal action will be taken on you guys eventually.

  6. mandysman_187 says:

    Angela627 = atomickitten ? You’ve really gotten too deep into this scam Angela. You even “think” that you “are” Mandy. Oh, and everyone knows that you got that info about what Mandy wore at Leno from the KLOS radio interview that morning when they asked her what she was going to wear at the show. It’s sad that you used some info from a radio interview to make it look like your story was “legit”. Please count me out of your scam. :( Jerry

  7. Angela627 says:

    For goodness sakes. give it up already. nobody believes you okay? KLOS radio? what??? just stop, it’s getting really old now.

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