Mandy Moore Outgrows ‘Candy’ Quick

talked to YM and she told them that ‘Candy’ was naive and there was too much rhyming. “That’s the direction most critics figured my career would stay in,” Moore said. “I think my record label probably would’ve been happy with that too. Some people probably think it was just some grand marketing scheme to launch myself as older and more mature, but it was just music I really wanted to record. I was so young, so I didn’t realize what I do now. Someone was telling me what song to sing and how to sing it. Now you can’t shut me up.”

Adam Duritz Defends Collaboration With Mandy Moore

October 6, 2004 – Adam Duritz is defending himself against the flak he’s received from some fans about his collaborations with Mandy Moore for her upcoming record. The Counting Crows singer posted on his blog that it was premature for people to judge him – or her. “You haven’t heard it,” he wrote. “This is a girl who made a few records she had little to do with when she was a kid … the only record she made that she had any control over was the Coverage album and that’s actually pretty good. She’s growing up … she wants to write songs and really make some music she can believe in. But all of this is up in the air until she produces her next record. Then you can have an opinion. Until then, let me respectfully request that you shut your fu**ing pie holes.”

Mandy Moore & Ashlee Simpson Attend Kerry / Edwards Benefit

October 5, 2004 – Mandy Moore, who recently denied claims she was a republican, Ashlee Simpson, who apparently diverges with her sister politically as well, Maroon 5, and the Black Eyed Peas attended the Kerry / Edwards Democratic National Committee Benefit on Saturday (October 2) at Avalon Hollywood/Spider Club in Hollywood, California. Check out pictures from FilmMagic and RexFeatures.

Mandy Moore Admits She Is A Goody-Goody

October 2, 2004 – Mandy told YM about her squeaky clean image and how she really isn’t too interesting. “I admit it, I’m a total goody-goody. If I wasn’t talking about myself, I’d probably hate me. I really am that boring. I’ll go home at 6 p.m. and I’ll get in my pajamas and watch TV. That’s my idea of a good time. I don’t like clubs, I don’t like drinking. So I don’t feel like I fit in here in L.A.”

Mandy Moore Believes Everything Happens For A Reason

September 28, 2004 – Contributed anonymously: Verve magazine got a Q&A with Mandy and they asked her what advice she would give to the readers to heal a broken heart. “Nothing heals a broken heart immediately,” Moore said. “Everything takes time. Rally around friends and family and give yourself time to be upset because it’s only natural. But you can’t dwell on those feelings forever, so also go out and have fun. I believe everything happens for a reason. Unfortunately, heartbreak is a part of life. It only makes you stronger and it only makes you realize how wonderful love can be when you really fall in love.”

Mandy Moore ‘Felt Hideous As A Blonde’

September 19, 2004 – Mandy tells The New York Post she’s never going back to being a blonde. “Not unless I have to,” the singer/actress said. “I felt hideous as a blonde. I look at pictures of me with long blond hair and I say ‘what was I thinking?'” Besides, she added, “I have much more fun as a brunette.”

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