Mandy Moore Puts A Fresh Face On Power Pop

Andrew Miller of the Kansas City Pitch reviewed ’s latest album ‘Coverage’. Miller writes, “Moore’s no power-pop expert, but with the likes of Jellyfish’s Andy Sturmer, Semisonic’s Dan Wilson and Evan Dando on hand for Coverage, she didn’t need to worry much about authenticity. And just as he did for another throwback project, Andrew W.K., producer John Fields coated every track with a glossy, cosmetic sheen, one that embellishes strengths rather than merely masking flaws.” Read more.

Mandy Moore’s Belated Thanksgiving Cheer

November 29, 2003 – Mandy posted a post-Thanksgiving message to fans on her official forum on Saturday. She writes, “Ok, so it’s a little late…..but HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I haven’t been near a computer for the past few days and thought I’d add a message while it’s still in recent memory. :) hope it rocked.”

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10 thoughts on “Mandy Moore Puts A Fresh Face On Power Pop

  1. atomickitten says:

    Very honest, insightful review “Coverage” is an amazing album

  2. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Kansas City….that’s right up the road from me….I live in the burbs of KC!!! ROCK ON!

  3. Madfan says:

    COVERAGE is the best! So it’s a flop, cool! BUT it DOES contain good songs…no fillers, unlike other “singer’s” CDs, they’re flops and they don’t contain even ONE good song. (I’m talking about “Glitter,” “Charmbracelet” and “the remixes”)

  4. crunked says:

    Mandy is pretty much mediocre at singing, acting.. so she has to steal other peoples music! Mandy’s career is pretty much nonexistent!

  5. Danisha says:

    Moore’s a no talent joke. The biggest problem I have with her is the fact she can’t sing. She sings through her nose and it’s annoying as hell. She did an album of covers. Big deal. You know you’re pathetic when even Spears is writing and producing more than you. Pathetic.

  6. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Britney fans who praise Britney’s voice have no room to talk about how anyone….. Is mediocre.

    Could it be because Mandy really IS good at her craft, and she’ll slowly eat away whatever lead Britney has on her until she’s totally overtaken them.

  7. SpiceSquirrel says:

    Mandy Moore is a serious NO-TALENT BORE!!! Her so-called “singing” is a thin wailing sound! Her “acting” ability is right up there with Madonna! To top it off, she has the personality of week-old road kill! Mandy – GO AWAY!

  8. lily88 says:

    haters. you people who like to bash hurtful words on celebrities are seriously low life bitches. come on give me a freaking break! Mandy is an ARTIST! she’s just doing her thing if it includes making a CD of 70s or 80s hits. She’s a no-talent bore huh?? why dun you record a demo and sent it to a record company and we’ll see who’s no talent. Mandy certainly made her way through the music biz even with the teeny poppy CD “so real” she manage to grow out of it and so does her voice.she may not be Mariah Carey or Christina Aguilera but she can sing. I mean Dido can sing. Beyonce can sing. Jessica Simpson can sing. and NO they are no Mariah or Whitney. I just hate people like you who find artists to suck and has no talent. if you hate them so much, go ahead and hate but to feel the need to bash hurtful words at them when you hardly know them and only from TV, movies, media, etc. that’s just pathetic.

  9. SpiceSquirrel says:

    Who are you, her lover? Her DEAF lover, I might add!
    You are right, her thin wailing “singing” is VERY scary!!! She sounds like a BANSHEE!

  10. lily88 says:

    ^^you can keep on hating but what the hell is this “oh Mandy Moore can’t sing” she’s nobody”‘, ‘”oh her CD flopped” look at how you sound. pshh Mandy just doing her thing whether you like it or not.

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