Mandy Moore Reveals Favorite Scene In ‘A Walk To Remember’

was asked by a fan on her official site’s message board what her favorite scene in her hit film, ‘A Walk to Remember’ was. Mandy said, “The wedding was probably my favorite scene to shoot, although I loved every moment of making the movie. Watching the film now, my favorite scene is when Shane and I pass each other in the hall at school (it’s in slow motion and ‘Mother, We Just Can’t Get Enough’ is playing). That was the last scene I shot for the movie. I burst into tears when we were done with it :(“

Explains ‘When I Talk To You’

March 22, 2002 – Mandy told fans on her official site’s message board the motivation behind her song ‘When I Talk To You’. Mandy said it “basically talks about how i was feeling 2 years ago; depressed about the situation with my friends. true friends stuck by me, while others automatically thought different of me. They thought because I had gone off to try my hand at having this career, that I had transformed into a different person. Therefore, those people chose to treat me in a way that crushed my feelings. It hurt to know those people were out of my life, but the therapy was writing the song and turning it in to a positive situation.”

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