Mandy Moore Says Her Parents Are Far From Super Strict

responded to the brief mention in the Star about her spending the evening at boyfriend Andy Roddick’s house. She told fans on her official forum, “In regards to the ‘Star story’…. I feel bad that my parents are being made out to be something they clearly are not. I have a wonderful relationship with my mom and dad. Sure, my parents worry about me, but they are far from being super-strict. They also respect that I am 18 and responsible, therefore they wouldn’t ‘confiscate’ my credit cards for overspending. lol… We laughed at the People magazine mention of this. I even had a friend call and say I could borrow their credit card. Nice hehe.”

Mandy Moore Stays Up Late To Watch Andy Roddick’s Tennis Matches

January 16, 2003 – With the Australian Open going on down under, Mandy has been staying up late at night to check out boyfriend Andy Roddick’s matches. She tells fans on her forum, “Not feeling well tonight (I think I’m getting a bout of the flu—big boo). Although I had to try and keep myself awake to watch my guy kick some butt. Very nicely done—hehe. And at this point, I have no plans to travel to Melbourne… Guess I’ll hafta stick it out in front of ESPN with my parents, who are so into it all now. lol.”

Mandy Moore Buys LA Area Home For $1.7 Million

January 12, 2003 – The Hartford Courant reports Mandy Moore purchased a Mediterranean-style home in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles just before the holidays for slightly more than $1.7 million, according to real estate sources. The 18-year-old pop star bought a refurbished 1927 house with five bedrooms and four bathrooms in nearly 4,800 square feet. The home also has terraces, courtyards, a library/study and a family room.

Mandy Moore Gets Back To Work

January 7, 2003 – A fan posted on Mandy Moore’s official forum that the singer/actress was in Sydney with boyfriend Andy Roddick at for the Adidas International tennis tournament. Mandy was not down under though, and responded, “Well… I’m quite disappointed to report that I’m writing to you from my home in LA… not gallivanting around my favorite city, Sydney, watching my boyfriend play tennis. Taking nearly 2 months off to relax and spend time with him was amazing, but it was due time for me to return to the real world. In fact, I have 3 photo shoots and a few days of reshoots for ‘How to Deal’ this week. It is nice to be working again though.”

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