Mandy Moore Says Kelly Osbourne Isn’t A Bad Influence

Mandy Moore responded to a post on her official site’s forum questioning whether her hanging out with Kelly Osbourne had contributed to her appearing to gain weight in a recent photo. In response to wondering if Kelly was being a “bad influence” on Mandy, she responded, “Hehe.. It’s just a BAD picture. No one looks great from that angle. I know you weren’t being harsh… but yowzah!! Being friends with someone who is quite comfy in their own skin is taken as being a bad influence on me?? I don’t see your point babe lol. Kelly rocks… Enough said.”

Mandy Moore Checks In From ‘How To Deal’ Set

June 22, 2002 – Mandy posted a message to fans on Friday, giving an update on her role in ‘How to Deal’ and plans to take on one more film role before returning to the studio to work on a new album. Mandy writes, “I think we have a producer lined up (whose work I am in love with) and already compiling material for the studio. I can’t wait to get back in and start singing soon. These films sure have me spoiled (all the down time, new friends, etc.).”

Mandy Moore Likes The Trend Away From Being Sex-Pots

June 19, 2002 – The Sun-Herald chatted with Mandy during her stopover in Australia recently. Mandy talked about how she’s not alone in the recent trend of female pop stars trying to break free of the industry’s sex-pot image. “It’s prevalent but … gosh, I guess it’s just because it’s the obvious choice, it’s the easy road to travel, that’s why so many people decide to take that road. But I think in a way there have been some artists recently who have tried to change that, it’s not necessarily about the sex selling any more, it’s become a lot more about the music, about them just trying to be themselves.” As for Britney Spears, who started the trend, Mandy explains, “I think that works for her. She’s been very successful so far doing it, but it definitely couldn’t have worked for me. I guess I don’t have the confidence, the inner-confidence in myself, to pull that off.” Read more.

Mandy Moore Loves Her Undie Crust With A1 Sauce

June 18, 2002 – Contributed Anonymously: Mandy recently divulged her fans into a little secret delicacy. When asked on her personal BBS Rumor Mill if she enjoyed eating her underwear crust, Miss Moore responded “of course I do… with A1 sauce.” We’re hoping Mandy was joking!

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