Mandy Moore Says She’s Not Dating Shane West

Mandy Moore posted an update on her message board last night to reveal her shock over the success of ‘A Walk To Remember’ and insisted that she’s not dating co-star Shane West. After wishing the couple and singles a happy Valentine’s Day, Mandy broke news that she’ll be starring in an independent film called ‘Try Seventeen’ with Elijah Wood. Mandy said filming will begin next month. She also announced plans for a new video, but said fans would have to wait a few days for details.

‘Candy’ Was Not Mandy

Mandy Moore 'Candy'

February 14, 2002 – Mandy Moore responded to compliments from a fan who initially admitted to finding her sound and dancing routines in ‘Candy’ to be annoying to begin with but she’s slowly learned to like the singer after her latest album and after watching ‘A Walk to Remember’. Mandy responded, “Wow… that is the ultimate compliment!! Thanks guys. You made my day. Hehe. I think I still make fun of myself for ‘Candy’. Don’t get the wrong impression though, the dancing and all was a bit um, not me. Thanks for sticking with me.”

Mandy Moore Talks About Lack Of Valentine

February 14, 2002 – Katrillion spoke with Mandy about how she’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day now that she’s broken up with actor Wilmer Valderrama. Mandy said, “Well, I’m 17, and I haven’t had a truly romantic Valentine’s Day. I have so many years down the road to have those romantic Valentine’s Days. I’m not worried about it.” Meanwhile, Alex Greenwald, lead singer of fellow Sony artist Phantom Planet admitted, “[Mandy’s] intelligent, super-young. It’s not really a crush actualized, but I think she’s really cute, has a good energy, and she’s vibrant.”

Mandy Moore Loves Bette Midler

February 12, 2002 – Mandy told fans why she’s such a huge fan of actress and singer Bette Midler on her official site’s message board today saying, “Yes, I love Bette Midler because she appeared on an episode of the Simpsons!! Well, that and for basically her whole career (music, TV, film, Broadway — everything I hope to accomplish one day). Plus, Beaches is one of my all-time favorite movies.”

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24 thoughts on “Mandy Moore Says She’s Not Dating Shane West

  1. cool buddy says:

    i think Mandy Moore should date Shane West and they should even get married
    this is for Mandy Moore
    please leave that fu**ing a**hole DJ AM

  2. Love says:

    There was so much on screen chemistry between Mandy and Shane there has to be some off screen connection, there is no way you can be apart of a wonderful film like that and act the good way they did and not have some off screen connection!

  3. wiLeen says:

    Like omg. my god man I wish they would date cause they really match to the max. God I wish I was Mandy Moore so I would kiss Shane like all the time.

    uhgg they should go out !

    what do you think people?

  4. Colleen23 says:

    Mandy Moore and Shane West should date each other, because they make a cute couple! They should at least try!!

  5. shaun says:

    ….you should be together!!!!

  6. Kayleen Nyguyen says:

    they go perfectly…….!!!!!!!!!!

  7. bhillex says:

    they were good on onscreen so I hope that someday… they’ll be together and make another film..
    isn’t it good?

  8. bhillex says:

    I like to watch their movie.. AWTR!!.. LOVE IT…

  9. Nicho says:

    they’re amazing…oh that chemistry,and that love on the film made me cry at the end of it…it’s so touchy movie,and that chemistry of both were so like not acting…they seriously have to try being with each other…they’re perfect couple ! ! ! and they will be Landon and Jamie again :) perfect love,and the purest love I’ve ever seen or heard…

  10. VB says:

    What to say about the most amazing movie of all time. This is by far more than just a movie; it is a master piece and a work of art between two amazing beautiful people, Shane West and Mandy More. How a couple can generate such chemistry is beyond me and every other person that has seen this movie. Any one out there that wants to forget about the bad and rekindle on reality should see this wonderful movie. Twilight was great but “A Walk to Remember” is the ultimate movie of all time. I dare anyone to what this movie and not fall in love with it. Out with a bang, VB

  11. telecia says:

    Come on Mandy you know that you do feel something for Shane so just follow your heart girl. I have been reading some comments of you two and 99.9 people of the percent of the both of you guys fans says that you two go perfect together. please do not deny the feeling that you have for him cause you got to admit there is some chemistry between you two

  12. Akilah says:

    Mandy, Please stop acting as if you don’t like Shane, I know you feel something for Shane. As you said in “A Walk To Remember” he is your angel, in reality he really is.Please stop seeing Ryan he’s not good enough for you and I know he can’t treat you the way Shane would.You can do it follow your heart you know you really really love Shane as for Ryan he ‘s not loving and caring or even compassionate as Shane so please…………….You guys look great together…You really should cause I know he loves you too.

  13. Alexis xxx says:

    Go on Mandy… Shane is perfect for you. If I was you I would go out with him immediately… Oh I love his body…..ah his chest I’d rub my hands on it everyday

  14. Jackie says:

    Gosh…Look Mandy, I have checked who you and Shane dated (and for Shane, I am a Gemini..and an advice…never date someone with the same Zodiac as you are, you won’t get along) and you both made really weird choices! I mean come on! Did you feel the chemistry on set? You both actually know how to move people…Honestly, a lot of girls like Zac Efron, and if he was doing that movie with you, I won’t buy it…it would be a totally wrong movie! See…it doesn’t matter how famous the lead guy is, I guess people bought that movie ’cause they just couldn’t wait to get it when they saw your songs, and the trailer.
    WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE! You both are MEANT for each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And Shane looks better WITHOUT the mustache and beard :B
    And you look cute with Brown hair Mandy…or whatever that hair color was in A Walk To Remember.

  15. tianna says:

    I can’t stand that you two are not together you were meant for each other I just finished watching ‘A Walk to Remember’ for 12 times in 5 days but I wish you hadn’t does at the end and you should have kept the hair and look you had in the movie you looked more natural that movie made me wish I was in that beautiful relationship words can’t explain how I feel I look at you now and in the movie you looked so so so natural and pretty you should go back to your old look please please

  16. colleen gaye cultura says:

    I hope they really are married they are a perfect couple too bad if it wasn’t real…… love you guys more power to you career

  17. colleen gaye cultura says:

    uh………….. I feel bad knowing you not together I know that someday you will realize your true feelings….. hehehehehe

  18. zarahlovesdaisies says:

    oh come on… forget about Mandy, Shane should be with Maggie Q. they’re both HOT!!!

  19. Nikki says:

    I almost cried when I knew that you aren’t together. T.T
    Come on, you should totally be with Shane.. you two look better together FOREVER.
    Remember your song.. IT’S GONNA BE LOVE. And it’s GOTTA be love. :”)
    I don’t really like Ryan, no offense. With just his looks and style, I was all, ” UGH!! >:PP ”
    GO WITH SHANE, if you want joy, beauty, and love :)))) ( just got it from the movie :D )

  20. ... says:

    There must be a reason why she don’t wanna date him why don’t you ask her?

  21. sarah says:

    Shane West is Sexy and Mandy Moore is very beautiful they should have dated. Hope their in another movie together that would be awesome and then they can get back in touch if their still not or maybe a real date together ;) hehe.

  22. busybody says:

    someone says to me that this movie does not have ‘hot scene’ because she die in the end is it true?

  23. abc says:

    How come this site still exist? It should be removed

  24. Kristen says:

    OMG, I watched AWTR every day now for 3 weeks. That is the most amazing chemistry on screen and story line (suck she died so quickly after the wedding). I really would love to see them both do another movie and be nice to know they are together in real life.

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