Mandy Moore Shares Her Thoughts On Avril Lavigne

A fan quizzed on what she thought of another young pop star, Avril Lavigne. Mandy reponded earlier today saying, “To be honest, I haven’t even heard her song lol. I have seen her pic and read one interview in some teen magazine that made me kinda, well, um, I dunno. I think when people make such a huge stink about who they are or who they aren’t, well it’s just a bit old. I have been through it and hey, it sucks as girl that you have to put up such a defense that you are someone different then say, Britney… but come on. Don’t take it too far. Anyways, she seems to being doing well, good for her. Gotta check it out.”

Mandy Gives Kind Comments For Sarah Michelle Gellar

June 9, 2002 – gave high praise to actress Sarah Michelle Gellar on her official website forum on Sunday. Moore writes, “Sarah is amazing. Not only is she beautiful, sincere, hard-working, and talented, but she is a wonderfully kind person to top it off. I thought she kicked ass co-hosting the MTV Movie Awards (best awards show I have seen in a long time). She was also the first person I saw as I walked off stage, waiting to give me a hug. What a good friend!”

Denies Liz Smith Story

June 5, 2002 – Mandy Moore posted on her official site message board a denial of New York Post gossip columnist Liz Smith’s claim that she was in heartbreak after ‘Try Seventeen’ co-star Elijah Wood moved on from dating her to dating Franka Potente. Mandy said, “Where do they get this stuff? Wow… unreal. Can’t a guy and girl be friends anymore? Geez.”

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5 thoughts on “Mandy Moore Shares Her Thoughts On Avril Lavigne

  1. leftofcenter says:

    Avril doesn’t need to diss Britney to separate herself. She already does that with her music, her voice, attitude and look. The girl was asked about her thoughts on Britney and so she shared her opinion. She’s not going to sugar coat her words.

  2. pinkglitters says:

    Avril’s a bit overkill on her thoughts on Britney and her image. She’s trying too hard to distance herself, and she ends up looking the same as others that are coming out right now. Aiming to be different is nothing new, and the rebellious image Avril proclaims isn’t as original as she thinks it is. And if you don’t think there’s a record company image behind Avril’s attitude, then you’re being blatantly naive.

  3. ckj says:

    I have been reading the posts and i have been hearing that Avril is just being herself and that what she said is her opinion.. but why when Britney dresses a certain way or says something about someone else its she is being judgmental and because Britney dresses a certain way she is a tramp…as entertainers and artists they need to do whats right for their music.

  4. kiki says:

    Well certain artist needs to sing properly, if they want to do something right, instead of singing like you have a cold for it, and cover their success by ripping their clothes off.

    There’s room for talent.

  5. pinkglitters says:

    But who are you to decide that Britney can’t sing? Others may beg to differ, including myself. Granted, she hasn’t really proven she’s strong vocally by singing live in concerts, but that doesn’t make her a bad singer with no talent.

    If you’re so accepting of Avril and her voyage “to be herself,” then don’t be so close-minded about other artists. That just makes you look hypocritical.

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