Mandy Moore Tackles Romantic Comedy In ‘Chasing Liberty’ recently caught up with to discuss her movie ‘Chasing Liberty’. Asked if she enjoyed doing a romantic comedy, Moore responded, “I didn’t have to be the funniest person in the world; I’ll leave that up to Jeremy [Piven]. I love these sorts of movies. It’s the kind of movie I’d go see with my girlfriends.” Check out the entire interview here.

Hopes To Change Her Typecast In ‘Saved’

January 24, 2004 – With ‘Saved!’, Mandy joins the long list of stars who’ve come to Sundance to shred their image. In the movie — a send-up of Christian life in middle America — Moore plays the Bible-thumping villain of the piece, a self-righteous do-gooder who’s desperate to “save” — i.e. convert — the sinners in her school. “I’ve always played the girl that gets the guy, which I’m very over,” Moore tells Kevin Williamson of the Calgary Sun. “I don’t get any guy here — nothing. It was fun for me playing against type, if you will. I was so weirded out and excited that (the filmmakers) would have even thought of me. And to be part of such an amazing cast was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.”

Not In The Biz For A ‘Quick Buck’

January 17, 2004 – Mandy responded frankly to posters on her official message board that were scrutinizing her career moves. She said in a posting on Friday: “Damn… You guys are bit intense. Let me break it down for you.
What you see is what you get. There is no plan, but rather an idea of continuing to do what I have been do doing all along. Although it may not seem like much to you guys, there have been many an opportunity to go down a completely different path and take advantage of resources I would have never felt comfy with (whether it be movie roles, the music I have sung, magazine covers, endorsement deals, etc). I’m not here for some ‘quick buck’.”

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