Mandy Moore Talks About Her Public Relationship

Mandy Moore’s relationship with tennis star boyfriend Andy Roddick has thrust the singer and actress further into the spotlight. “I think it’s difficult for both of us, but probably for him more so, because he’s never been used to people asking about his personal life,” Moore told the CBS Early Show. “I think being in this industry you sort of open yourself up a bit more for that kind of scrutiny. It’s odd. It’s weird to talk about each other. It’s weird for people to want to know bits and pieces of your relationship. And you want to keep a lot of that to yourself because once you admit you’re dating, people feel you owe it to them to answer any question.” Read more and watch the interview here.

Won’t Pose For Men’s Magazines

January 8, 2004 – Mandy tells The Associated Press even though she recently got a tattoo on the second toe of her right foot, don’t look for a tattoo of her boyfriend Andy Roddick’s name. “No, no names. I think that’s the worst decision ever when getting a tattoo,” she said. Moore also said that she’s not interested in sexy photo shoots for men’s magazines like FHM or Maxim. “It’s not my cup of tea,” she said.

Mandy Moore Goes Against The Grain On ‘Coverage’

January 8, 2004 – Gregg Shapiro of Windy City Media Group caught up with Mandy for a Q&A about her new movie ‘Chasing Liberty’ and her latest album ‘Coverage’. Asked if the album of covers was a conscious effort to separate herself from the pack of young female singers, or was it a way to show off your excellent taste in music, Mandy responded, “Thank you! It was a conscious effort to be creative and have fun and go against the grain. Because I had been absent from the music scene for two years and I know I hadn’t had too much musical success, so there were no expectations. I felt like I had the creative control to make whatever sort of record I wanted. When I started to compile a list of my favorite songs, the more I thought about it, I thought I can be selfish and kind of self-serving and do this music, not only just for me but to introduce people my age to it, who might be unfamiliar with some of these artists and music.” Read more.

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