Mandy Moore Updates Fans

e-mailed a message to fans registered on her official website. Mandy writes:

I’m HERE! Okay, so I guess I shouldn’t make any FULL BLOWN promises but I have turned a new leaf in the past few weeks and realize the ongoing importance of keeping this place current… I have begun trying by posting some pics of my recent trip to Japan which was hilarious and an absolute blast! The show was amazing and I got to FINALLY play all NEW material (MY OWN!) I have never had more fun on stage and am so ready to go into the studio and get this record going! I’m going to start around June 10 or so here in L.A and will work hard on it around a film that I will be shooting in July here in L.A. I should be able to talk about the movie and details as soon as the rigamarole and business ‘stuff’ is taken care of… I’m really excited about that, though, as well as two others that are in the pipeline for later this year. Please give me your feedback on anything new you guys want to see on my site (yes, other than more current postings from yours truly!) More pics are coming! you are all well and enjoying life!

Returns To Forum After Long Absence

May 18, 2005 – Mandy posted a message to fans early Wednesday (May 18), the singer/actress’ first posting of the year. Moore talked about some of the film work she’s doing and just wrapping up filming of her guest spot in five episodes of the HBO series ‘Entourage’. As for music, Moore said, “I’m still writing and going in to the studio in the next month or so. Still figuring out who’s going to produce it. I know that some of you (*cough cough*) will be scoffing at the fact that I haven’t started yet. Well, calm down. It NEEDS to be right and it NEEDS to be the best it can be. This takes time of course. I’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with lots of super-talented people (sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t… but it’s all fruitful in my book). I had a blast singing some new stuff in Tokyo—my band rocks! Anyway, please bear with me and I promise that your patience will be worth it.”

Mandy’s Guy In A Creepy Come-On With Another Woman?

May 17, 2005 – During Sunday night’s release party for the ‘Scrubs’ DVD at nightspot Aer, The New York Daily News reports that Zach Braff told a waitress, “You have beautiful tits.” That prompted the waitress to blab to the Daily News’ Lloyd Grove: “I was dressed as a nurse. … He tried to give me a DVD and he said, ‘Let me put it in your breasts.’ I said no, and he was like, ‘I’m just kidding.’ I think it’s gross. … Mandy Moore was in the other room. He was drunk – he asked for, like, 100 shots. I’ve been there two months, and no customer has come on like that.” Braff’s rep responded, “Zach’s said some pretty inappropriate things in the past, but he always ‘fesses up to them, and he said he didn’t say that. But I wasn’t there.”

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3 thoughts on “Mandy Moore Updates Fans

  1. anna says:

    Mandy Moore I’m Anna from Cyprus end I’m 16 years old. you are very good singer end actress. Especially the song “extraordinary” is the best. please if you can come to my country CYPRUS fro concept.IS VERY BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY AND YOU WILL LOVE IT.

  2. anna says:

    many people from different countries can see you every day when you sing. But in my country anybody comes for concepts because they don’t know my country. only Greek singers come. I hope can make you to come to see my country which is very very beautiful end full of live. of course I want to see you. Please

  3. anna says:

    I mean that no only you but end other singers of America or like Jennifer, Madonna, Shakira end of course you go to Canada, Mexico, Spain, America, Italy and Greece. But in Cyprus no. Maybe the problem is that you don’t know CYPRUS. ANW there are many Chipriot people who like English music but is difficult to come in America. Is so far. anw I love you very much and I hope to come.

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