Mandy Moore Wants To Offer ‘So Real’ Refunds

tells The Associated Press she was in a store where they were playing her first album ‘So Real’, which she says is terrible, and she was embarrassed. “They were playing the whole record, and I was mortified. I wanted to walk up and say ‘Here’s your $20 back or here’s your $15.99 back, I have to refund you. I’m sorry.'”

Covers Her ’70s Faves

October 19, 2003 – Jim Farber of the New York Daily News reviewed Mandy’s new album ‘Coverage’. He writes, “She’s today’s Annette Funicello – though that can create some alarming juxtapositions. Moore makes Joan Armatrading’s ’80s hit ‘Drop the Pilot’ sound like any song from that era by Mister Mister. And she pulls all the quirks out of XTC’s ‘Senses Working Overtime,’ which was the whole point of the song. Still, if Moore can turn one kid on to such artists, it’s a good thing.”

To Retire Before Age 37

October 15, 2003 – WENN reports Mandy is already plotting her retirement even though she’s only 19. “If you see me in a movie when I’m 37, seriously, pull me aside and ask me what’s going on,” Moore said. “I want to have a family. I want to have gone to college and live somewhere suburban, quiet and regular – I’ll be in the Catskills (New York) singing karaoke in a bar. I did a film last year with Macaulay Culkin and Jena Malone and we’d go karaoking a lot.”

Mandy Moore Entertainment Weekly

October 15, 2003 – Contributed anonymously: Mandy was featured in last weeks Entertainment Weekly with a new promotion photo. Here is the text. “To capture a mood similar to Moore’s next album, ‘Coverage’, Nields took her to the beach for a morning shoot. “This is the last shot,” says Nields. “It was kind of spontaneous. We were walking down these old dilapidated stairs and giggling, and I must have said something ridiculous. She just turned around and gave me a look, and that was that.”

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6 thoughts on “Mandy Moore Wants To Offer ‘So Real’ Refunds

  1. WaneInTheZone says:

    If you’re dumb enough to buy any of her crappy CD’s you should be living in regret.

  2. Madfan says:

    It’s so tragic, sad and dishonest when artists disown their past work, as if their present work is good.

  3. looker says:

    So I guess she owes the stupid people who watched her crappy movie a refund too but that shouldn’t be a problem, I mean who actually watched it ? Mandy Moore and Jessica Simpson just need to go away and realize that the world doesn’t need broke Britney clones anymore, especially when Brit’s own popularity is declining.

  4. atomickitten says:

    Why don’t you idiots shut the hell up??? DO you even know what the crap you’re talking about?! Mandy was 14 when she recorded her first album. 14!!! Do you regret anything you did when you were 14?! Christina, Britney, Jessica are all different stories. They recorded their first albums when they were 16 or 17. That’s a big difference, dumbasses. Don’t you look stupid.

  5. looker says:

    To atomickitten before you call us dumbasses look at yourself and by the way are you 14. And who the hell is a Mandy Moore fan these days, my guess you were one of the girls trying to the buy at the store at that. So did you get your refund? And yes kitty 16 and 17 are so much different than being 14 so so different…..just wait until you turn 16 and will be able to judge for yourself.

  6. atomickitten says:

    Do you even know me or how old I am? Then why the hell are you talking like you do??? I am 17 years old, educated, and intelligent. Don’t talk to me as if you know me because you don’t.What you said has absolutely nothing to do with my post. In fact, you agreed with me. What a dumbass. What you said just made you look dumber. I don’t even have Mandy’s first album…lol, you’re just embarrassing yourself PS- Mandy has a lot of fans

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