Mandy Moore’s Blender Cover Creates Controversy Among Fans

Contributed by leftofcenter: The September 2002 issue of Blender magazine features Mandy Moore on the cover. The photos of Mandy in this issue are creating controversy among fans at her official message board.

Sum-41’s Baksh Rates The Pop Princesses

August 8, 2002 – Sum 41 guitarist Dave Baksh gave a run-down of several women on a 1 to 10 scale. On Britney Spears, he commented “Great ass,” but only gave her a 6. Kelly Osbourne rated an 8, while Mandy Moore (“Really gorgeous just too wholesome”) also rated an 8. On fellow Canadian Avril Lavigne, he said, “I am afraid to rate her because the authorities may come after me.” As for Shakira, he gave her a 6 and said, “I’m not impressed by her, but I like her caveman gear in that video.”

Iann Robinson No Fan Of Mandy, Christina Or Avril

August 6, 2002 – has a great and candid 20 questions with MTV’s Iann Robinson. Besides spending much of the 20 questions ragging on Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst, he also was asked if he preferred Mandy Moore or Christina Aguilera. “Neither,” he responded. “Both suck.” As for which videos he’d pick if he could put 3 videos in a fire to make sure they were never aired again, Iann said all Limp Bizkit videos, Avril Lavigne’s ‘Complicated’, and “Everything aired on TRL for the entire time it’s been on.” Finally, asked about Britney Spears, he commented, “In her videos she’s hot as the sun, but in person, she’s not that pretty.”

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6 thoughts on “Mandy Moore’s Blender Cover Creates Controversy Among Fans

  1. dolphingirl_aguilera says:

    Like his opinion matters.why does he even work at MTV if all he does is hate on the people on the channel.hes a fat porky pig

  2. soBeautiful says:

    He said in real life she’s not hot. For some reason I doubt you’ve seen her in person so you really wouldn’t know.

  3. jimmyp says:

    The question should be really asked, What the hell is Mandy Moore doing on a music magazine cover? What the hell has she ever done in the music world? She’s such a phony ass. I thought she wasn’t going to use her body as an object? Yeah, whatever Mandy, you bimbo.

  4. JLBisMYman says:

    like people are EVEN freaking out about those pictures!! i know another “singing” *cough, Britney, cough* who would have that skirt so high she wouldn’t be able to move for fear of showing too much!! Mandy looks good, so what if she wants to show a little leg, she IS 18 and can do whatever she wants now anyways.

  5. LilMands82 says:

    A lot of people like her music. Just because she isn’t as popular as your precious Britney don’t get your panties in a bunch.

    If you think THAT is her using her body then u have issues. There is nothing wrong with those pictures. She’s totally clothed. I’ve seen shorter skirts on a lot of other female singers. And unlike them she actually has CLASS and knows how to dress properly.

  6. Sasha says:

    I’m going to tell it like it is. All you haters are a bunch of fat girls that can’t lose weight so you sit around worry about Mandy and Britney instead of your own fat butt.

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