Mandy Moore’s Grandmother Not In Best Of Health

posted on her official site message board in response to cali_chic16 who said, “I heard from one of my friends that her grandma lives down the street from yours and her grandma asked yours if she can introduce the two of you to each other and when your grandma asked you you said NO!” Mandy said in response, “Not only would I never be mean to someone purposely, but my grandma is not in the best of health, and therefore doesn’t live in a house. plus, she lives in Florida and since we are close, I know most her friends. This is a very silly story.”

Mandy Moore To Appear In Upcoming Diary Episode

December 15, 2001 – Mandy will appear in an upcoming episode of MTV’s “Diary of Mandy Moore” which premieres January 16 on the music network. Mandy again popped onto her message board to thank fans for creating a get well soon thread on her site. She’s hoping to get out of the house soon.

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