Mandy Moore’s Job: Kissing The Rock

Mandy Moore tells People magazine that on the first day of the filming of ‘Southland Tales’, the singer/actress had to kiss her on-screen husband The Rock. “I had to kiss him on the first day of work,” she says. “It was okay to ease myself in by making out with someone on the first day. He’s very handsome and he’s the nicest guy.”

Mandy Moore Plays The Rock’s On-Screen Wife

October 22, 2005 – caught up with The Rock for a Q&A and asked about his new film ‘Southland Tales’, and a photo of him kissing Sarah Michelle Gellar in the movie was in the tabloids and played off as an off-screen moment. “It was a scene with Sarah Michelle Gellar who plays my girlfriend in the movie,” he explained. “And what makes it even more interesting is Mandy Moore plays my wife. It was fine. That’s going to happen. The tabloids are going to get pictures like that. It just so happened we were on a balcony making out with my shirt off and she was in her lingerie.”

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