Mandy Moore’s New Look

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Mandy Moore is filming a new independent film in Canada with Elijah Wood called “Try Seventeen.” She had to cut off her hair for the role.

Mandy Moore Believes In Fate

April 9, 2002 – Mandy was asked by fans if she believed in fate on her official site’s message board. Mandy answered this morning, “Hmm, do I believe in fate? Well, this is probably not going be to some thought-provoking question at this point for me (I am quite sleepy..) so maybe I will answer this tomorrow with a clearer mind. But, as it stands now… LOL, I believe in fate, yes. Mostly, I believe that there is an intended path for each of us and that we follow it during our lifetimes. The paths we take can be altered by our different choices, etc., but are ultimately controlled by a higher power (in my belief— God). Luck may play as a factor, but I truly believe that all of this was predestined for us.”

Mandy Moore Sounds Off On Back-Handed Comment

April 9, 2002 – Mandy sounded off on a message board poster who proclaimed “female celebrities hardly ever date normal people” because of lack of interest in a guy without money or fame. Mandy responded, “Could you stereotype female ‘celebrities’ or just women in general anymore? What a back-handed comment. Women want to feel superior to their man? Isn’t a relationship all about equality? I, for one, seek a guy who is secure, trustworthy, and of course, loves me for me – regardless if he is in the spotlight or not. Contrary to what you said, women like to be taken care of as well.”

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  1. brenda says:

    well I think the movie a walk to remember was great is so romantic and it inspired me a lot and Shane West you are so hot I think you and Mandy Moore would make the cutest couple

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