Mandy Moore’s Not In The Pepsi Generation

Don’t look for any cola endorsement contracts headed Mandy Moore’s way anytime soon. When the actress/singer was asked if she preferred Pepsi or Coke on her official website on Thursday (June 24), Moore responded, “Soda is disgusting. Vitamin water all the way!”

Offered ‘Wicked’ Broadway Role

June 26, 2004 – Mandy may be the next pop singer turned Broadway performer. She was asked about the Broadway show ‘Wicked’ the other day on her official website and responded, “‘Wicked’ is beyond amazing! I’ve actually seen it twice and was offered the chance to replace Kristin Chenoweth once she leaves the show. What an honor… But how could anyone step into those shoes? She’s pretty unbelievable and irreplaceable and totally owns that role. Although I have to say that I’m obsessed with Idina Menzel. To me, she is the ultimate singer/performer and her voice blows you out of the water.” Moore also recommended ‘Assassins’.

Goes Bar-Hopping With Fake ID?

June 26, 2004 – Adrian Ryan of The Stranger reports that Mandy “was seen getting her colloquial groove on at various drinky local venues last weekish in the company of other also notably probably not really 23-year-old film stars”, even though she recently told David Letterman “I’m the most boring 20-year-old you’ll ever meet.” Ryan added that sources tell him Moore’s ID provided at these clubs indicated she was 23-years-old, not her actual age of 20. Read more.

Mandy Moore’s Audio Message To Fans

June 22, 2004 – Mandy posted an audio message on her official website last week giving an update to fans. She talked about working the new album, going to the CFDA Awards in New York, her new movie ‘Saved’, her thanks to moderators on her forum, and her frustration with the Mandy poser website. The audio clip has since been removed from

New Song On Her Official Site

June 10, 2004 – Contributed anonymously: A new, and as of now untitled, original Mandy song is being played on her new official site courtesy of Sire/Warner Bros. Records. It has not been announced as to what the song is attached to, but it is very, very good. The lyrics are about a bad breakup… Andy Roddick anyone? Check it out at

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