Mandy Moore’s Only Official Site

Contributed Anonymously:

This is a message to re-iterate that Mandy Moore’s one and only official website is:

We have been experiencing problems from a Mandy site that is falsely claiming it is her official one for quite a while now. Whenever it ceases in one form, another form replaces it. Recently I have noticed that there have been comments left on this site by members of that particular fake website, claiming that their obviously fake website is genuine.

I would like to thank a few members here who have exposed those fraudulent claims for what they are. What you have done is greatly appreciated.

Your understanding is appreciated,
– A member of Mandy Moore’s street team.

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7 thoughts on “Mandy Moore’s Only Official Site

  1. astrange1 says:

    Don’t worry. I usually take care of him. Right twisted? Pom-poms ready?

  2. popstar says:

    I noticed that mandy’s stalker hasn’t been here for a few months..I think MM banned him & probably reported him.

  3. ihatehilary says:

    astrange1 wrote another essay. but this time it was to herself! awh, that’s sweet astrange1!

    perma-ban!!!’, ‘yeah, i’ve been threatened with it!

  4. callme_al says:

    M a n d y M o o r e ‘ s one and ONLY official website is: w w w . m a n d y m o o r e ***** . c o m *Here’s her REAL post on the Lousiana tragedy: “i have watched this disaster unfold in horror for the last four days. a full scope of the damage is probably still unsure as of yet, but before people start pointing fingers at who is to blame for the lack of sufficient rescue response we should all try to do everything that we can to help these people get out of the area and deliver food and medical assistance to families that are trapped and dying. I urge everyone that can to donate your time or money to the red cross to help in the rescue efforts. xoxox, mm”

  5. ihatehilary says:

    lol LMAO!!!’, ‘you’re called a lot of things, but at least they can never call you inconsistent.

  6. twistedpsykko says:

    “I would like to thank a few members here who have exposed those fraudulent claims for what they are. What you have done is greatly appreciated” a few? it’s just astrange1, no one else knows how to do that thing with all the numbers and sites and stuff. and if they do, then no one else bothers to actually go through with it. I think astrange1 should get a medal for this!

  7. popstar says:

    lol that’s hilarious. we thought they banned him & they make some big post about it-‘, ‘with the fraud posting. gotta love popdirt.

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