Mandi Perkins Checks In While Recording Sony BMG Debut

Mandi Perkins, recently signed on to Sony BMG, posted the following bulletin to her MySpace friends (@mandiperkins) on Tuesday (December 18):

Hey Guys:

The second day of recording went really well.

The new music is sounding completely sick and I can’t wait to release it.

So soon…so soon!!!

I have some more amazing musicians working with me this time around:

Greg Suran on guitar (Jewel, GooGoo Dolls, Sunny Day Real Estate);

Victor Indrizzo on the drums (Beck, Willy Nelson, Red Cross and on pretty much every other record you’ve heard in the past 10 years);

& on bass, is Scott Shriner from the band “Weezer”. He was kind enough to help with my second daily video journal (a.k.a. “The Daily Vj”).

You can check out the footage on my page now.

you have a great night!

Send me a comment when you can. I love those!!

Rock and Shine On


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