Mandy Moore Responds To Wilmer Valderrama Pedophile Comment

Mandy Moore lashed out at message board member RuNvS on her official site who accused her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama of being a pedophile by saying, “It’s all to have your own opinion… as much as you criticize others who have their own (pathetic as you may think they are). You don’t hafta be rude. That’s being idiotic. Heed your own advice. vent all you want. Tell me how much you hate me… I don’t care, but don’t freakin call people names (Wilmer’s a pedophile? Come on dude… get original). That’s immature.”

Mandy Says More About Australia Cancellation

November 6, 2001 – Fans continued to express their grief over Mandy Moore’s last minute cancellation at the Rumba show in Australia. Mandy said on her official site’s message board, “I can only attribute our cancellation of the trip to the record company. We were all told last week and you can imagine how upset the band, makeup artists, etc… were to hear the news, as they declined other jobs and didn’t book flights to be with their families for Thanksgiving. It is not fair. Plain and simple. We were all planning on and looking forward to going.”

Mandy Moore Jumps To Moderator’s Defense

November 6, 2001 – Mandy posted a response to the overwhelming chatter about her message board’s moderator Jon urging fans to quit talking about the incident. Mandy said, “Stop talk (sic) about the whole incident of last weekend. It was topic that shouldn’t have been brought to this message board in the first place and was wrong of myself to even address. It is unfair to Jon and all of you to get so worked up over something that has already happened. Everything has ended ok… Everyone is ok… So therefore, it’s not of relevance. I apologize to all of you for everything!!! Please keep your heads up and smile…” Now whether this advice is heeded or not is yet to be seen.

Mandy Updates Fans, Aussie Gig Canceled

November 5, 2001 – Mandy Moore posted an update Sunday telling fans that her Australia trip was cancelled. Mandy said, “It was NOT my decision, it was above me and without my knowledge until the deal was done. And for all Australian fans who have heard otherwise- I apologize.” Mandy also called out against a message board poster about the moderator Jon incident saying, “Some of you are very misinformed and have put out false info (webmasterposter person). not cool. sorry.”

Mandy Moore Wants Your Pennies

November 5, 2001 – Mandy is fronting a campaign by The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Pennies for Patients to encourage school students to donate money for cancer research. Mandy said, “Because I am a past participant of the Pasta For Pennies program, I am very familiar with both the program and its cause, and I am very passionate about supporting the Society’s mission.” The program takes place in February 2002 and lasts three weeks.

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