Manipulation Mondays: Kelly Osbourne Vs. Christina Aguilera

In honor of the impending catfight between Kelly Osbourne and Christina Aguilera, MuchMusic asked PowerShift viewers to do a little manipulating and create a picture of what a fight between the two kittens would look like. Check out illustrations of some of their favorite entries here.

Kelly Osbourne Attacks Christina Aguilera Again

Contributed by alissimo:

In the German teen magazine ‘BRAVO’, Kelly Osbourne said: “Dear Christina Aguilera, could you please put your money in your mouth so that I dont have to hear anything of you again!”

So-Called Celebs Make Kelly Osbourne Sick

Buy magazine recently chatted with Kelly Osbourne and asked the reality show star what it felt like being a celebrity. “I hear that our Pepsi ad is up at Times Square and that would be cool to see,” she conceded. “But so-called ‘celebs’ make me sick. They’re all about egos and about themselves. My music career sort of just happened and I’m not taking myself seriously like that, I’m having a good time and not really giving a sh**.”

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