Manufactured Punk Better Than Manufactered Pop?

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The funniest thing in the world has gotta be when little fans come here and start moaning about how fake is. Yeah okay she marketed herself into a wide-eyed innocent Christian schoolgirl, but at the time it wasn’t that far from the truth. And maybe her music is somewhat altered to make it sound better. I’m not saying she is an amazing singer, even she admits that she’s not. But what I am saying is that you cannot get more hypocritical than being an Avril fan who calls something manufactured. She is not punk; she’s a folk singer from Canada. She is not bad-ass; she’s just a uneducated brat. She is not a talented song writer; she “co-writes” the most trite songs to hit the states since Hanson. Yet her fans are blinded by glitz and PR. Isn’t that what Britney fans are supposedly blinded by as well? Maybe we are, but Avril is the Britney of punk.

And of course we know its jealousy but Avril’s fans are just as bratty as her so they are too stubborn to admit to it. Well Britney may be fake but at least she has a place in the world of music; the queen of pop (perhaps sharing that title with Christina or even still Madonna – not gonna go there now) Avril isn’t punk (you want punk look at The Clash or The Sex Pistols), she’s not pop (that’s the above mentioned people’s domain), she’s definitely not talented enough to be rock or R&B… she’s just a skinny who liked to whinge.

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9 thoughts on “Manufactured Punk Better Than Manufactered Pop?

  1. Brinn says:

    Yes, Avril is the Britney of Punk, and Britney is the Avril of Pop – and neither of those are compliments. They are both as manufactured as each other, and although its hilarious when Avril’s fans say things like “rock on” and so forth, Britney fans are equally obnoxious.

  2. jboogie06 says:

    I think Britney is great at what she does. She is not a great singer, but a great performer/entertainer. Eventually, she would go into acting because her music career won’t last long. Her teen fans will soon grow up, and unless she is as smart as Madonna, which I don’t think she is, they will not be interested anymore. Don’t get me wrong, Brit is talented, but I don’t think she has what it takes to remain on top for too long. She lacks the voice to keep her there. Maybe she can be like Madonna and someday realize that she needs to take charge of her career. She needs to start writing her own music. She needs to stop being manufactured and stand up for herself and her art. I would love to see her succeed, but she needs to go to the next level. She needs to start writing meaningful songs; stop it with the catchy tunes already and the over the top sexual exploitation. We all get it, she is super HOT. There’s no need to remind us of that every time you hear her or see her. We get it, we really do get she’s HOT. Is not all about the voice. Most of it has to do with the quality of your music, and weather you are a Britney fan or not, we all have to agree, as of today, she hasn’t put out one song that is worth any praise besides that of, “it makes me want to go shake my ass”. Lets hope she gets to the level of good quality music so that we can have Britney for years to come. PS.. Why do many people on this site feel the need to compare Britney to every other artist out there. Give it a rest. There is no one out there like Britney.

  3. deviance says:

    I’ll agree with all that was said, but I was one of the ex-Avril-fans that thought she wasn’t a batched up product. And soon after realizing she was, the only thing I learned was to never again defend the artist, which the only kind of artist Avril is, is a con-artist. Although, this comparison with her Britney Spears is worse than when Britney was compared to Christina. And neither Britney or Avril can carry a tune to save their life and if Britney lost her choreographer, she’d be a washed up Betty Ford client. The point I’m trying to make to you people is its clear a lot of us who have a decent head on our shoulders, cannot stand Avril but the fact remains she’s famous and we still continue to read about her only to get more ammo to bash her. Hell, I’m the first to admit that lol. But with any artist, you can love them or hate them, that is your choice, but stop defending the artist unless they wrote all their own music and most pop-con-artists don’t. Bands like 3 doors down do. So if they don’t, don’t defend an artist who cannot even defend themselves. Music is the reason that brought them to us, like the music or don’t but defend that, not the artist or con-artist. Maybe Avril could take a roll in the next Matchstick Men movie? Sorry I hallucinated for a minute, I forgot that would take more than one brain cell to memorize lines which apparently she doesn’t have.

  4. JusticeKiss says:

    I so agree with this statement. Avril’s music completely doesn’t match her image. She is nothing but a brat that just wants to *****. Her music is some mushy easy listening music. If you ask me she looks a rat too. Least Britney admits to her sexy image she has now Avril sings one way and dresses and acts another. A little girly girl image made from the record companies. But she boast she is punk . what kind of punk is COMPLICATED….my point. And when she finally comes back its the same *****. She is just another puppet that is completely lost is who or what she is. VERY GOOD POINT

  5. LiLGrrl3369 says:

    Avril is the Britney of punk. Haha so true. BUT, I don’t agree with the jealousy part. I don’t like Britney Spears at all. I think she’s shallow, trashy, deceitful and above all, disrespectful to the fans she doesn’t deserve to have in the first place. Some people actually have reason to dislike pop stars, and it’s really juvenile and annoying when their fans use jealousy as a crutch.

  6. hypnotic says:

    This topic is so lame! Avril has never claimed to be punk! When they did The show Driven on VH1 they showed a clip of Avril on TRL and Damion said she was punk and she said her self “No, I’m not punk”. People are always going to say someone is a poser and wont last and blah blah blah

  7. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    The only reason Avril’s denying it now because she got so much sh** for it!! At the beginning of her career, she said she was punk. She said she was going to be the (insert credible artist here) of her generation. Then she went on to say something along the lines that she shouldn’t know who Sid Vicious or the Sex Pistols or someone else is because of her age. Avril claimed it, then denied it. Sound familiar?

  8. clayfan says:

    NOT EVERY BAND writes all of their own songs…Rolling Stones don’t even write all’, ‘of their own songs. Carlos Santana doesn’t write all of his own songs. Great songwriters don’t always writes alone: McCartney had Lennon, Difford had Tillbrook. Not everyone can write music. Some great bands recorded songs written by other writers. Elvis didn’t write most of his own songs. Songwriting isn’t the only thing you can judge a band on. That said, Britney sucks ass, and Average Lavigne is just…average.

  9. secretball555 says:

    Yeah she said she wasn’t punk after people hated her for saying she was. And did you happen to also catch in other specials how Avril was a country singing prep until she got a deal with Arista? And then she was manufactured into a skater chick. She was never that and acts like that it always how she was. She has a fake image and if it were up to her, she’d be singing county music. So its not all about the punk thing, its about one of the many many many things she lies, denies and is a hypocrite about. She is manufactured not a real rock skater chick and never ever was.

    Its not that she didn’t write all the songs herself, she never wrote ANY herself. And not only that, she prides herself one being a songwriter, takes credit for writing her own songs, and then later says how she in fact didn’t have much input on her songs on “let go” because her songs all got “taken away and rewritten for her”. Which came out of her mouth. She got her songwriters pissed for claiming credit on writing complicated when they told rolling stone that THEY wrote it before they even met her..and all she did was change on word. And you’re right, songwriting isn’t the only thing you judge an artist on. She also cannot sing, she it bad live, she lies about knowing how to play guitar and well preppy much doesn’t know talent if it bit her on her poseur self.

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