Mar And Mad

Contributed anonymously:

If I were to walk down the street I’d rather not bother myself with who’s better or bigger than who. I’d rather walk down the street listening to a love song I can relate to, or a song that calls on me to find a hero within me, or a song that encourages me to endure tough rainy times, rather than a song about being a virgin, anti-president, Hollywood, fame, and sex. I’d rather walk down the street and listen to a piece of pop song with an amazing non-replicable voice that would make me wonder “is that human?” rather than go to a club and hear a voice that’s so edited it’s almost digital. I’d rather look up to a person who encouraged me to be better, rather than a person who’d encourage me to go exhibit myself, and kiss the same sex for the sake of entertainment. I’d rather walk down a street listening to music that asks me to believe in God, in miracles, in faith, and myself that I could make it happen, than listen to a song that shallows down the value of a prayer, or mocks papas that preach. I’d rather look up to a person who has fallen from grace, made fun by the world at one time, undermined and underrated many many times, with real family problems and losses, and through it all miraculously came back to where she was, picking up where she left off, and providing good music, than a person who has felt the need to reinvent herself in the hope that people will confuse “reinvention” with “creativity”. I’d rather walk down the street like that y’all.

—> from a music fan

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