Marc And Dayanara Attend Their Son’s Baptism Ceremony

was joined by ex-wife Dayanara Torres at their son Ryan’s baptism ceremony at Saint Agatha’s Church on Saturday (August 14) in Miami, Florida. Anthony’s new wife Jennifer Lopez didn’t attend. This was the first time Marc and Dayanara were together in public since their messy divorce. Check out pictures from GettyImages and WireImage.

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5 thoughts on “Marc And Dayanara Attend Their Son’s Baptism Ceremony

  1. liya492 says:

    HE WOULD NEVER ASK J.LO 2 PUT HER CAREER ON HOLD LIKE HE DID WITH DAYANARA’, ‘I cannot believe that Marc would abandon his family just like that.he doesn’t even have time to see those 2 little ones because Dayanara takes them everywhere she goes even on modeling jobs. she put her career on hold so they could have kids and enjoy spending more time together. how does he thank her? by screwing that j.lo . He would never consider to ask j.lo to put her career on hold for him. SHAME ON YOU MARC!

  2. MillyaBella says:

    Hey where is J.Slut? Was she afraid she would BURST into flames…. If she got within 100 feet of a Holy Place?

    He looked like a simple person with those shades on in a church. Big Latin superstar he thinks he is in the presence of God, what jokes have been made of his audacity

  3. MillyaBella says:

    Marc says his personal life is personal until he needs to sell records! This S*O*B* wants his entire personal life to be shielded behind a dark veil UNSCRUTINIZED by the public or even his own mother THEN WHY IN THE HELL is there a PROFESSIONAL photographer from WIREIMAGE (Cause WireImage has their own employee’s who contract for events) right there during this SCARED moment? OMGosh now the BASTARD probably told Yari he would N O T show if she didn’t let it be filmed so his press agent would have some decent photo’s of him to use for PUBLICITY….in her heart losing her wedding in the eyes of God she wasn’t about to sacrifice her sons eternal ever after so she consented. WHAT A LOW DOWN DIRTY ROTTEN BASTARD HE is, J.Slut sure taught him quick how to manipulate children for a press opportunity. Maybe they should just start having sex or something to occupy their time & LEAVE THE CHILDREN ALONE! Unbelievable the depths of disgusting behavior those two show.

  4. Carrie says:

    When you see reality it hits you. What a shame that these two had to break up. Two children, a marriage that lasted only what a year. Karma is going to come after Marc big time. There’s no way he’s ever going to be happy after what he did to his family. Yarri looks great. She needs to date some beautiful men like herself to get him back. I see Marc crying his eyes out in the future. J Lo will dump him and Yarri will never again want anything to do with him for what he put her through.

    The photo opportunity for the public to see was probably J Lo’s idea

    J Lo must of gone on a date to overcome the stress of having to deal with Marc and his beautiful ex-family. This is what she has to look forward to for as long as she stays with Marc. Constant reminder of that home-wrecking situation. J Lo will never be happy. She would of been better off alone.

  5. Pheobe says:

    Good thing J-Lo didn’t attend the ceremony, that b!tch will burst into flames when she enters a church.

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