Marc Anthony Rejecting J.Lo’s Desire For A Baby

Star magazine reports that while longs to have a baby, her hubby Marc Anthony, already a father of three, doesn’t want any more children. “Marc says that with his career and his existing kids, he can’t devote time to a new baby right now, and that can’t make Jennifer happy,” a source revealed. A friend of the couple says the issue must be especially stressful given that “Jennifer has a strong mothering instinct. Having a baby would mean more to her than winning a Grammy or an Oscar.”

J.Lo Poses For Picture With Fans In New York City

December 8, 2005 – posed with fans in New York City on Wednesday (December 7). No one seemed to care about her husband Marc Anthony, but when he was approached by female fan and seemed to flirt with her, J.Lo stopped posing with the fans and hustled into a limo. have since removed the video.

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2 thoughts on “Marc Anthony Rejecting J.Lo’s Desire For A Baby

  1. hooker says:

    Don’t believe these two, trust me. Those, were, ready-made articles, courtesy, of, their, Paid PR’s. This, ugly, Marc, who, has children, of, different women, and, this hyper active, diva Latina/actress, can’t even, sustain/respect, the teaching of their own religion, — please, I’m tired, of, their daily-ready made, publicity, that’s why, I question, their credibility/loyalty, of, one, another.(liars/cheaters) They, truly, deserve, each, other, and, I meant, that, forever, please. They, should, both, apologize to their own religion, you guys, what a shame!! I can’t withstand, these, two, fake Catholics, anymore, oh God. Please, forgive me!

  2. Puja says:

    what a jack ass I mean come on if he loves this girl he would do what makes her happy I mean just because he has other kids I mean damn who doesn’t love kids n its not like he cant support them lol

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