Margaret Cho Slams Miley Cyrus In Verse Over Offensive Picture

Comedian Margaret Cho penned a song in response to the photo of Miley Cyrus posing friends all slanting their eyes in the presence of an Asian male, which the ‘Hannah Montana’ star has since apologized for. Cho writes:

Miley Cyrus made some chinky eyes
Standing behind an Asian guy
I don’t know if this should fly
As if there wasn’t enough to despise

I wasn’t necessarily a fan of
Her, her dad, or Hannah Montana
I tend to prefer the songs of Rihanna
Racism against Asians is simply bananas!

Oh Miley!
Chinky eyes make you look wily
prejudice isn’t thought of so highly
it doesn’t make us all smiley

Why is there nothing that Asians can do?
To make fun of other races as easily as you
Why isn’t racism against Asians taboo?
Why are we always so racially screwed!

All you have to do is pull at your face
To make your eyelids resemble our race
This kind of joke has no proper place
Miley Cyrus is a disgrace!

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2 thoughts on “Margaret Cho Slams Miley Cyrus In Verse Over Offensive Picture

  1. BlaZe says:

    after watching some of her comedy(trying to find the funny bits are hard)she is more a racist than anyone I know.if she can sue for 1 photo then all Christians, Londeners and such should sue her.
    grow up you money hungry batch.if you can’t take a joke don’t be a comedian

  2. Samm! says:

    Mararet Cho,
    I think your annoying. and the fact that you have to insult Miley for what she did, “insulting”( you couldn’t even call it that) makes you even worse then her. so back off.

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