Maria Taylor ‘LadyLuck’ Performance & Interview

Maria Taylor performs 'LadyLuck' stopped by the Threadless office to perform ‘LadyLuck’ and answer questions from the web site’s readers. Taylor talked about collaborating with R.E.M. singer Michael Stipe on ‘Cartoons and Forever Plans’, normally coming up with the idea for a song before the lyrics, wanting to relive 24, and wanting to duet with Carol King.

“Michael Stipe has been a friend of mine for the last ten years,” Maria said about her collaboration with the R.E.M. singer on ‘Cartoons’, “so we were hanging out one night and I was working on a song and he just said do you want some help with this? Do you want me to help you with lyrics? Duh, yeah! So we sat up all night long until the sun came up and finished the song.”

On whether the music or lyrics come to her first, Maria said, “I usually have an idea, but not the lyrics, so I’ll know what the song will be about, and then the music and then the melody, and then the lyrics.”

Watch the performance and interview below.

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